Suck It, Maru

While we’re in a good mood — trust us, this won’t last — please enjoy this Charming Kitty Video. As long as there’s a Happy Cat in the world, Encroaching Darkness is set back at least an hour.

[via Sully’s Minions]

@redmanlaw: The Ewok Happy Dance was like Matrix II & III combined. I was out for Lucas’s head after enduring that.

That’s all kinds of adorable. Baby tiger burning bright.

For he is of the tribe of Tiger.
For the Cherub Cat is a term of the Angel Tiger. . . .
For God has blessed him in the variety of his movements.
For, tho he cannot fly, he is an excellent clamberer.
For his motions upon the face of the earth are more than any other quadruped.
For he can tread to all the measures upon the music.
For he can swim for life.
For he can creep.
Christopher Smart

Charming, yes, but more charming than an irrepressibly giddy Jon Hamm at Fashion Week? I think not.

The cat is adorable, but the *camera* is the real tech pr0n:

Can apparently shoot 1080p video at 1000fps in *RAW*.Of course, that fills up the 32GB of internal memory in 8.45 seconds…

@al2o3cr: Oh, darn. I was hoping it was a Canon 7D. Because I, like, have one of those.

@nojo: Oh snap. I got a Sony Cybershot and three dogs who will do anything for a biscuit.

@mellbell: Mandy Patinkin?

@Mistress Cynica: For he can spraggle upon waggle.

@Capt Howdy: Jeezus. If it happens within five miles of Stinque World Domination Headquarters, I’m always the last to know.

Although I wouldn’t call the Gaslamp “paradise”. Especially not on a weekend evening.

@Benedick: Seriously. The moment I saw Kitty, I thought “Cool! I wonder if we can do that with our Canon?”

But apparently not. It does slo-mo, but not super slo-mo.

Another heaping helping of awesome! Not even Oregon wines come close.

PS. Do I have to do everything around here?

@Benedick: I’ve seen it around, but I’m in too good a mood today to watch it.

@Benedick: I’m at a meeting with 30 lawyers. You want I should post about my Diet Coke intake?


PG-13? They must have cut out the only scenes the Randroids really want to see…

@Capt Howdy: A crowd of people pulls the cabbie from his car and beats him but all he gets is a broken nose? San Diego’s mob justice disappoints me.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Hip downtown club at 2 a.m. Not my first choice for an Angry Mob.

Elsewhere in Sandy Eggo…

A San Diego man who had three of his diseased toes chewed off by his pet dogs was in good spirits Friday but will remain hospitalized while he undergoes foot surgery, said his partner of 40 years…

“It’s not as if they’re bad dogs,” Chilson said. “Had they started licking my toes and doing this, I would have just said, ‘Girls, stop it,’ and that would have been the end.”…

Veterinarian Patrick Melese, a pet behavioral specialist for 25 years, said the dogs were probably trying to help clean their master.

You’re welcome!

San Diego news flash: there’s a Navy air show this afternoon, and it’s odd that a couple dozen black helicopters have been spotted heading directly to Stinque World Domination Headquarters. Might want to drag out the flaque jacquet.

@Dodgerblue: That explains all the commandos rappelling onto the patio.

@nojo: I’m waiting for some fighters to make a low-level supersonic pass. Sharif likes it!

I made it to 1:09, and, for some reason, I need a tissue. Must be sleep deprivation.

@al2o3cr: RIGHT?!

@nojo: Is that the new one?

@Benedick: Please tell me you’re not dissin’ Mandy. Don’t make me question my taste in men, please? Oh, wait. With my track record, PLEASE make my question my taste in men.

@Dodgerblue: Those are the fools from Imperial Beach playing all Apocalypse Now and shit. Unless they closed the helo base.

@nojo: Smart dogs got tired of the toe jam funk and took things into their own paws.

@JNOV @SanFranLefty: Get your BarBri settlement check yet? Hundred eighty seven samoleans baby!

@JNOV: WOW – maybe I’ll buy something special, for me, like … FOOD! Or I could send it to Sallie Mae … so many choices!

@blogenfreude: Dude. I was so broke, I took that shit to a check cashing place and wired it to my bank (out of state, of course, cuz like, yeah) just in time to ensure the rent check wouldn’t bounce.

ADD: Yeah. Just got the Fuck You letter from Sallie Mae. Gotta send out that hardship deferment form ASAP.

@blogenfreude: Oh! Speaking of food…two Stinkers (I refuse to q-ify words) have convinced me to go with dried beans. Oh, shit — they have to soak. CRAP! Anyway, making some Cajun bidness and some Cuban bidness tomorrow. Now, I’m off to go buy some motherfucking beans…

@JNOV: I always wonder … if you moved to London, or Brussels, or Tokyo, can you establish credit that Sallie can’t find? Could you live your life so that bitch couldn’t find you?

@blogenfreude: @JNOV: My check was for 80 bucks. How the hell did they decide how much you get?
@blogenfreude: That bitch Sallie can always find you. Worse than alumni offices. I always said that if we wanted to find Osama bin Laden, put some university alumni offices on the task and they would find him in less than a day.

@blogenfreude: Let’s work on a plan, yo. Off to Wal-Fart. (Since they’ve gone all healthy, it’s still an evil corp, but at least I’m buying cheap good calories for a change).

Oh, and some fucker is stealing my cable. He dies tomorrow.

@SanFranLefty: Mine was higher b/c I took 2 courses during the relevant time period (MD and NY). QED.

@blogenfreude: Ahh, makes sense. I realized that the other reason why my check is less is that I paid a discounted price to them, because I “worked” for them by checking the badges of everyone coming in to the lecture hall every morning.

@SanFranLefty: I took the class before they merged, so I guess I get squat.

@blogenfreude: @JNOV: @SanFranLefty: I love David Sedaris’ take on Sallie Mae:

Sallie Mae sounds like a naive and barefoot hillbilly girl but in fact they are a ruthless and aggressive conglomeration of bullies located in a tall brick building somewhere in Kansas. I picture it to be the tallest building in that state and I have decided they hire their employees straight out of prison. It scares me.

@Mistress Cynica: I have moved about 6 times since law school, and the beeyotch finds me regardless.

@Mistress Cynica: I LOVE HIM!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: 8-24 hours I gots

@Dodgerblue: Who’s older: you or Chemerinsky? ;-P

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Damned if I know. Some class-action bidness. ::shrug::

@JNOV, karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Pinto beans don’t need soaking. Just throw them in the crock pot or stove top with a ham bone, bacon, salt pork (with meat, not all fat), or a cut up ham steak, some chicos (oven dried yellow corn if you have any Mexican groceries around) and leave them alone for a while (approx. 4 hr stove top, 8 in the crock pot on high).

They are done when you can break the skins by blowing on them. Enjoy with some good bread and revel in the awesomeness. One of my all time favorite foods and the first thing I taught myself how to cook.

@redmanlaw: There’s a local red bean here that I make in my rice cooker. Two hour soak, change the water, throw in peppers, tomatoes and anything else that’ll fit and hit “play”. Season with masala, garlic powder and some chicken sausage, and you’re good to go in another two hours. Today I tossed in a bullion cube and ground beef instead of sausage. That’s a week’s worth of food right there.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: If you took a Barbri bar review course between 1996 and 2007, you’re entitled to a settlement check from a class action case accusing them and Kaplan of price fixing and other nefarious things.


@JNOV: Don’t be mean to Dodger.

I heart Chemerinsky.

Here’s another Phantom video, for the über-slow-mo fanatics:

@al2o3cr: Fucking hi-res slo-mo. How does it work?

@redmanlaw: I couldn’t find any salt pork yesterday. :-( Bacon it is.

@SanFranLefty: I love them both! Dodger might win if he spoke a little louder into the bow tie…

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