Joy Division

Many lives ago, we planned to write The Great American Satiric Novel, but Excellent Adventures kept distracting us — and still do. But at the heart of our Fantasy Swiftian Achievement was a line that would unlock everything, revealing the Eternal Optimist imprisoned inside our cynical fortress:

“The meaning of life is found in the faces of children, for there the world is discovered anew.”


The local Egyptians were celebrating in downtown Toronto.

Can’t say I blame them.

Also… so much for NeoCon “thinking”.

This reminds me of the end of the reworked version of “The Return of the Jedi”. All the fireworks going off on all the worlds of the fallen empire and I’m thinking, “Okay, this is great. Who picks up your garbage tomorrow?” It’s sad we can’t live forever in the euphoria of a moment like this, but life goes on. Changing the head of state doesn’t automatically change the underlying issues. All these young men are still going to be unemployed tomorrow. Food prices are still going to be high. When these issues don’t magically disappear because the hated dictator is gone, then what happens next?

It’s the old problem with letting the genie out of the bottle, because it’s always a whole lot harder to put it back.

@Dave H: “Okay, this is great. Who picks up your garbage tomorrow?”

I remember the “People Power Movement” in the Philippines in the 8o’s.
The Filipinos had many of the same problems as Egypt before the revolt and many of the same problems after. Including fundamentalist Islamic factions threatening democratic advancement. Still it was awesome to see the events unfold.

@texrednface: If anything awesome is an understatement. Still, it’s so easy to see real life in terms of winning a game and “The End”, but in real life there’s always the next day and the next month and the next decade to consider. Just like nature abhors a vacuum, in the real world something ALWAYS fills power vacuums.

Just got off the phone with baked – she’s in NYC and we’re going to try and meet up tomorrow. Her laptop is broken so she hasn’t been dropping by, and she wanted you guys to know she misses you. Also, her dad is very sick and in the hospital, so it’s not a good time for her. I’ll keep you in the loop.


“Okay, this is great. Who picks up your garbage tomorrow?”

apparently everyone is. lots of folks in the square with brooms. taking down the tents and shit

@Dave H: You’re right, and alas, what usually fills the power vacuum are not well-intentioned men. But maybe, just maybe, good will prevail.

@Nabisco: Perfect example. After a couple of days of unreality all those people found themselves back in school or at work or looking for work and discovered the real world goes right on spinning. I think a lot of them really soured on that sense of optimism and were easy marks for the “me, me, me” philosophy that we saw with Godfather Reagan and has culminated with the Tea Party.

@Dave H: I read or heard last night that “Clean Up Egypt” was becoming an emerging theme. I thought it meant “clean up the corruption”, but the reporter explained that it meant “Clean Up Your Mess When You Leave”.

@nojo: “Clean Up Egypt” isn’t as good of an anti-trash slogan as “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

@Dave H: I agree. Revolution is the easy part, making it stick is hard.

@SanFranLefty: “Walk Like An Egyptian – but Tidy Up Like a Dane”?

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