Deadhead Sticker on a Cadillac for the 21st Century

Whole Foods, purveyor of organic foods and expensive to-go meals, is about to open its newest store.

At the corner of Haight Street and Stanyan Street, in the heart of Ess Eff’s gutter punks /tourist trap/ washed up hippies iconoclastic neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury.

But in the Only in NorCal touch, the walls are made of reclaimed redwood that has been carbon-dated to be older than Baby Jeebus.

And it only took the company six years to get over the screaming NIMBYs. At this rate, there might be a cell phone tower in Ashbury Heights by 2020.

[NBC BayArea: Haight Whole Foods Opens Wednesday]
[SFist: Whole Foods Haight Almost Ready for Business]

I think I had that photo as a poster.

@Dodgerblue: I think it is the one that accompanies their entry in the RS Illustrated History of Rock and Roll that I had in the 70s. I’ve been told that the book is substantially out of date, but I figure the stems and seeds stuck in the folds are only getting better with age.

Ugh, the WF in Richardson Tx is filthy. Won’t shop in a Whole Foods anymore. Are there people in that SF neighborhood that will actually shop there?

@JNOV: It’s so rare that they sneak through these days.

@texrednface: Is it the Whole Paycheck or is it Richardson in general that is filthy? Isn’t Richardson in the Greater Plano Metroplex? That alone answers the question. (I keeed, native South Texan here).

And yes, people who live there will shop there, the dirty little secret is that once you get one block away from the tourist trap, Cole Valley and Ashbury Heights are lovely neighborhoods filled with very expensive homes. Mayor Lite Guv McDreamy lives in Ashbury Heights. The biggest reason the neighbors were opposed was because of the traffic concerns – fears that the back up of cars will rival the Trader Joe’s on Masonic. Nobody seems to realize that the solution would be allowing MORE grocery stores in the City than the few we have.

@Dodgerblue: I figured you TOOK that photo.

Well I meant the Whole Foods in Richardson is filthy. But as I drive around I notice Richardson is looking a little shabby. Perhaps this is why the city is pushing for neighborhood associations.
Richardson by the way is mostly in Dallas County qualifying my hood as part of just the plain o’ Metroplex.

@SanFranLefty: I worked with a struggling architect in Austin on a couple of low income housing projects, but once he landed the design contract for the first Whole Paycheck in Palo Alto, his firm took off. Even in the 80s, the local foodies preferred Wheatsville Co-Op to WP, but all the UT professors could be found huddled around the goat cheese at WP.

Are they English people in that picture?

I like Wholefoods. It makes me feel special.

@Nabisco: I give Austinites a pass on Whole Paycheck, since the original flagship store was there. I’m partial to H-E-B’s Central Market. And H-E-B in general – where else can you get Texas-shaped tortilla chips and Texas-shaped cheese?!

@texrednface: My sister used to live in Denton, if you want to talk about soulless parts of the Metroplex.

@SanFranLefty: Concur: HEB Central Market.
Got my MFA in Denton, at the normal school. Used to be a weedy overgrown college town. Lot’s of fun. Lot’s of good music. Now over run by developers.
I guess it is part of the Metroplex as it is the tip of the Golden Triangle. It even has a mall by that name. Which is/was in foreclosure.
Oh god, SOULLESS. Yes.

About time they did something with the old CALA market. Maybe they’ll bulldoze the McVomits across the street & turn it into a parking lot.

We have a beautiful new WF in Santa Rosa, but I prefer Olivers myself.

@texrednface: NTS, oh, yes, some of the lab bands are legendary.

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