Paid HuffPo Writer Says Free HuffPo Bloggers Are Pussies

AOL HuffPo staffer Jason Linkins would like you deadbeat AOL HuffPo bloggers to know he actually works for a living:

Being a paid employee comes with many expectations and responsibilities. Let’s run some of them down, shall we? First of all, there’s this expectation that on a daily basis, you will show up and do work. In an office and everything! There you are subject to things like deadlines — you actually have to produce writing on a regular basis…

Is the State of the Union tonight? You’ll be working during that time. Is there a debate? Got a night of election returns coming? Plan on staying late. Did some madman just put several people in Tucson, Arizona in the hospital on a Saturday? Cancel your plans, because you’ve got to call in and get to work. You are, theoretically, on call, 24-7, to get the work done.

Those are the sorts of responsibilities, that, when they are fulfilled, entitle one to a “salary.”

Obviously, we’re doing it wrong.

But we’re not bitter! Just amused:

Now, another big portion of the everything else is “content aggregation.” Let me explain how that works.

Following which Jason fails to explain how those SEO-whoring “What Time Does The Superbowl Start?” posts show up.

Oh, and, um, Jason? Wipe your nose. There’s something on it.

How The Huffington Post Works (In Case You Were Wondering) [HuffPo, via Daring Fireball]

What a whining bag of rat shit this guy is. There is no original reporting in the HuffyPo even if they cut checks to people who call themselves reporters. Can’t name a story they broke.

I haven’t read it since the AOL thing, and don’t intend to.

Oh no!!!!! I had no idea the work was so grueling!! I mean like… doing stuff and shit. At like all kinds of different times when you could be like watching Family Man and eating pizza. Clearly this is a man whose extraordinary sense of duty to the public good is not to be confused with losers in basements with iPads.

If you don’t live for breaking news, Jason, you have no business being in journalism.

Arianna Huffington is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

@nojo: What about the marrying the gay guy and taking his money thing?

@Dodgerblue: Wasn’t she still a Republican? Because then it was okay.

@nojo: You’re right, I had forgotten about that.

@Dodgerblue: We Republicans are all in favor of marrying for money and a green card if there’s a yacht involved.

@Benedick: I got a fortune cookie once that said: “don’t marry for money, you can borrow it cheaper.”

@Dodgerblue: I got one that said: “you will soon be invited to a sporting event.”

Threat or promise?

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