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As far as Congressional Sex Scandals go, Wednesday’s short-attention-span edition wasn’t much of a story — at least, until the subject resigned. In fact, until the resignation, we thought the whole thing beneath notice. Marital infidelity? Please. Where are the diapers? Where’s the wide stance? Where’s the zazz?

Consider: Married Congressman Solicits Relationship on Craigslist. Yes? And?

And, well — nothing.

Nothing, that is, but a “hip” gossip site sounding downright puritanical about it. Because to us, the story isn’t about a sex scandal that doesn’t even involve sex, but Gawker becoming your mother. Call it the Scolden Age.

Visit Chris Lee’s congressional website — if it’s still up — and you’ll find a pitch-perfect parody of a backbencher: “Congressman Chris Lee Participates in National Blood Donor Month”. “Lee named Co-Chair of the Congressional Dairy Farmers Caucus”. “New Rules Will Ensure We All Know Who’s Flying Our Airplane, Lee Says”.

And our favorite: “Congressman Lee’s Web Site Wins Prestigious Silver Mouse Award”.

What you won’t find: Anything remotely related to social issues. No Family Values. No Defense of Marriage. No Sanctity of Life. Nothing that would make his fall from the dullest of graces delicious.

Nothing, really, to even justify a fall from grace.

So why even bother with it? Here’s Gawker’s excuse:

Yesterday, we reached out to Rep. Lee, whose support for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and vote to reject federal abortion funding suggests a certain comfort with publicly scrutinizing others’ sex lives.

If there’s an inherent — and newsworthy — hypocrisy between those issues and Lee’s actions, we’re having a hard time identifying it. Unless that’s just code for “He’s on the wrong side, so we’re going after him.”

Because other than that, all we have is this:

By modern day standards, the conversation was relatively banal: No prostitutes, escorts, or madams were involved. Just good old fashioned lying and an apparent willingness to cheat on one’s wife.

And, well, we’re just not buying the irony. Instead, we’re left with the impression that Gawker is truly offended that a married man cheated on his wife.

Which sounds an awful lot like the morality we grew up with: The Fifties Morality, which was still strong enough in our childhood to dictate that sitcom couples sleep in separate beds. (Trivia answer: Darren & Samantha were the first to snuggle together.) Chris Lee is to be shamed, and shunned. We’ll grab some rocks on the way to the stoning.

It may be the case that there’s more to the story, that we’re just witnessing the opening scene of Blue Velvet, so keep your air tank handy. But as it stands, Chris Lee is the first man in America to be sacrificed for pageviews.


I’m sorry, but give that the GOP has built its recent political fortunes on opposition to gay marriage and the demonization of gays and lesbians in general, I for one am not inclined to give anyone from that party a “pass” for sexual indiscretions. And I do honestly believe that part of the reason Democrats are in such trouble around the country is that we insist on being “above all that” when it comes to exploiting petty scandals and tangential issues for political advantage.

I’m mostly in the “Why the hell did he resign?” group.

Hardcore non-RINO GOPers as a rule refuse to resign about hetero indiscretions, even diapers.

@lynnlightfoot: Agreed.

I assume that Brand W is all a-twitter on the relative diamond factor, so yeah – sacrificed for page views, indeed.

On the other hand, that Lee family dominance of Our Nation’s Party had to broken somehow. I still blame Mike Lee.

I’m sorry, you know what? I’m totally for this. All the way. I think that first quote you pulled from Gawker is entirely appropriate. If you’re legislating on the wrong side of DADT and abortion, fuck you. You deserve every fucking bullshit rap people can sling at you. I categorically refuse to see this objectively.


@RomeGirl: Agreed. And as the Jezzies would say, “so hearted.”

Now, back to trolling Craigslist DC to see if I can out some GOP knob polishers on the M4M section…

@rptrcub: Thanks. I also think it’s justified in the fact that if it were someone on the other side of the aisle, the hay the right would make over it would make this look like a walk in the park. Out them all, darling, troll your sweet ass off.

the good news, I suppose, was that at least it was hetero oriented.

@Serolf Divad:
“The Above it all” attitude is what really pisses me off about lefties as a whole.

Sometimes it works, but most of the time you have to pick up a club and wade into it.

If Lee is going to live by the sword (pushing for policies that discriminate against people based on their private behavior and punish women for having sex), he should be willing to die by that sword.

I can’t wait until we have the Mike Lee sex scandal. Maybe rptrcub will encounter him in the M4M section of Craig’s List or an AOL chatroom.

It’s possible that this district could be eliminated. One of em has to go according to the last census and NY 26 is mostly old white stupid poors. However, it is solidly Republican so I say it would be an outrage were it to be axed. I blame ACORN for this example of gotcha politics at its worst. Has the Democrat party no shame?

I was going to point out that, while Bewitched was the first live-action television show to portray a couple sharing a bed, The Flintstones deserve some credit for breaking the barrier, but as it happens some show called Mary Kay and Johnny beat them both to the punch (and in 1947, no less).

@SanFranLefty: Mind you, some of the M4M ads may be libtard plants. It will take some weeding.

I am not understanding what the fuss is over. All this introspection over the “outting” of a political figure. A GOPer to boot.
The guy got caught making an ass of himself…he’s fair game.
I am perplexed over the lack of analysis/ critique/commentary on Rep. Lee’s physique.

Breaking/Mubarak stepping down, possibly today per NBC via Stephanie Miller Show. Conflicting analysis as regards what will actually happen.

I guess political power does flow through the barrel of a gun. Me thinks the Army said Nuh-nuh.

@texrednface: For the record, I am “meh” on the physique issue.

@texrednface: @rptrcub: He’s got great abs for a str8 (as far as we know) man in his mid-40s. Hell, he has better abs than most men in their mid-20s or mid-30s (outside of West Hollywood, Chelsea, and the Castro).

When does he have time to do so many sit-ups in between hanging out at the blood bank with the dairy farmers? Either that or he does a shitton of pilates.

Breaking – Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ koo koo land) retiring. Can we recruit JamieSommers to run for the seat?


LOL, this comment reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon from a few years ago. Two women are chatting over coffe and the one is saying excitedly to the other: “He’s straight, but he works out like a gay guy!”

@mellbell: I noticed the 1947 entry, and decided to treat it as the equivalent of a pre-Hays Code movie.

@ManchuCandidate: Same here. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hopefully, it involves orgies with Aaron Schock and Jeff Flake.

@SanFranLefty: On what platform? “You people are fucking nuts.” “You don’t deserve me.” or “You got a better idea? No, actually, you don’t.”

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Oh please oh please oh please. Boehner says it was totes Lee’s idea to quit so that means they forced him out. Why?????

@Benedick: Because the GOP leadership needed something to distract from the fact that they’ve lost three big votes this week because of Tea Party insurrections?

@Benedick: Exactly, what with the important breaking news developments of the Verizon iPhone release today and Lindsey Lohan getting charged with felony theft of jewelry..

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Arizona chapter of The Rent is Too Damn High Party.

@Benedick: Yes, but they might have if there was nothing else to talk about.

@SanFranLefty: Bills are changing their helmets.

Check out the printable Valentines at my niece’s site:

@Nabisco: I still blame Mike Lee.

I have a Post Stub I’ve been sitting on for a week:

Mike Lee Responds to His Critics

You’re all assholes.

If you see it a year from now, know that it’s been gathering dust on my laptop.

It was pretty much nothing, thats why Gawker was the one that ran with it, as opposed to, oh, CBS. But they weren’t being a scold, they were just ridiculing him for being a tool.

As for resigning, well, he probably did that because there is so much more he’s hiding that he knew would come to light if he tried to sit tight. You can sit tight on one lapse, but if you are sitting tight on top of a whole heeping, leaky barrel of scandal that people would find if they started looking, thats gonna make you pre-empt the closer look and start running. I’m guessing there were ponies and circus midgets in the barrel, somewhere, and wetsuits and strap-ons and god knows what all else.

But the story by itself? Its not as stupidly scoldy as the Sanchez and the 17 year old story.

Gawker has become the absolute media king of exposing petty scandals, there’s the foot fetishist coaches wife, Sanchez and the Teeny, and now this. What next, Breaking News: 90% of elected officials masturbate, and lie about it!

@Prommie: I was thinking of incorporating the Sanchez story, but AJ was very clear that the girl herself was pitching it, although she had second thoughts.

For that matter, Lee’s interlocutor pitched the Gawker story, so there’s that.

But “petty scandal” is a fair way to describe it. Denton is on record wishing Defamer had been TMZ.

ADD: I should mention that I’m playing off the inherent logic of their stated reasons, as opposed to second-guessing their “real” intentions. I could have just as easily used a Gladys Kravitz image.

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