It Ain’t Diapers, But We’ll Run With It

Our guest columnist represented New York’s 26th District until this afternoon.

Through the Internet, with a few keystrokes and the click of a button, a young person can call up information for a research project, make new friends or discover new hobbies.

At the same time, responding to what may seem like a friendly e-mail or an appealing marketing offer can have serious consequences. Private information and images can so easily be transmitted to friends and strangers alike.

Indeed, for as much promise as the Internet offers young people in the form of educational resources and social connections, there is great concern about the dangers and unknowns associated with a medium that is growing by several billion web pages per day.

A 2007 study conducted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children documented a number of alarming trends with regards to teen Internet usage. For instance, the study found that nearly seven in 10 teens regularly receive personal messages online from people they don’t know. Sixty-four percent post photos or videos of themselves, while 58 percent post info about where they live. Nearly two in 10 teens say they have been harassed or bullied online.

It is not difficult for parents to feel helpless when their children know more about how to navigate the Internet than they do. This is a challenge communities should confront together.

That’s why I recently helped pass the Student Internet Safety Act (H.R. 780), critical legislation that gives schools the tools they need to educate students on the dangers of the Internet.

Specifically, schools will have the ability to educate students about appropriate online behavior, protect them from online predators and promote the involvement of parents in Internet usage. Preparing families for what they might encounter on the Internet will make it that much easier to stop online predators in their tracks.

Tonawanda News: Teen Internet safety must be a priority [Chris Lee, 6/24/2009, via Political Wire]

Married GOP Congressman Sent Sexy Pictures to Craigslist Babe [Gawker]


My favorite comment on Gawker’s celebratory post of “He Resigned Because of Us”:

Wed 09 Feb 2011 7:02 PM
Now if it had appeared on the old Gawker site he would have to resign within 30 minutes. With the new site, it just takes longer for the pages to load, people to comment, media to react…

Hope Denton gives Maureen a raise.

Now I really want to know what’s really going on; he’s already proclaiming his email was “hacked”, which is a patently silly explanation of where the shirtless pics came from.

What’s the other shoe? Cawk Pix? M4M trolling? After all, this is an awfully weak-ass scandal to be resigning over given that “Diapers” Vitter and “Payoff” Ensign are still around…

Via the Twitters:

Back story on Chris Lee is gonna be juicy. Lots of reporters were chasing it this fall. None of us could break it.

I still say there’s no story, unless you can find Better Hypocrisy. The warning to parents is enough for mild amusement, but that still goes only so far.

@nojo: Swinger? Threesomes? Rapist? Diddling 17 year old boys? Sucking horse kawks? Dunno…

@SanFranLefty: I think I’ll join the Other Shoe Caucus. This just isn’t making sense so far.

I like Raw Story’s headline:

GOP congressman resigns over failed attempt at extramarital sex

I like it because I envy it.

New rule, in a role I shamelessly steal from one Maher, B., — “Nobody with the last name of Lee shall ever be elected in the United States, ever again.”

Another RINO – how can he resign – and within hours! – when he has examples like Vitter, Craig, Ensign, and Sanford? Democrats resign, but Republicans are supposed to man up, avoid the press, and double down on the family values. What a wuss.

Incidentally: no “spend more time with my family” throwaway line in press release.

Somebody’s sleeping on the couch tonight. The one on the curb, to be right, light and tight about it.

I will say this: you gotta admire the lack of hangtime on this one. This has to be some kind of record.

@chicago bureau: It’s all that US productivity we’ve been reading about. Scandal posts after lunch, leading to tears, denials and resignations before dinner. We’re even snarking faster.

/Real estate emergencia/

Former Doogie Howser Neil Patrick Harris just bought a new $$house$$ in Sherman Oaks, CA, and fuck me it’s ugly. Nothing that forty pounds of dynamite and lit fuse can’t fix.

How is it that someone that rich and that gay has such sucktacular taste? And also doesn’t have the good sense to hire an architect to dig himself outta that hole. Jeebus H., it boggles the mind.

@¡Andrew!: Oh dear FSM. That’s one hideous piece of suburbia. Depressed housing market and that’s what he comes up with? Someone’s just not trying.

@Mistress Cynica: Hopefully they’ll have the decency to renovate, and by “renovate” I mean bulldoze. When our A-List gays go suburban tract house and matching track suits, what hope do the rest of us have?

@Mistress Cynica: Oh hay, Mr. ¡A! sent a link to a library renovation project that one of his classmates from college designed –didja see it? It looks like where all good books go to heaven–it’s incredible.

@¡Andrew!: The Morgan Library is indeed book heaven, and that’s a stunning project. Hope I can go when I’m in NYC.

A casual search of the interwebs, and I’ve found this lovely diamond-in-the-rough. It’s less than a third what NPH paid for that other hellhole, and all it needs is a kitchen reno then it’s ready to rock for the sensible yet fashionable Hollywood star with kidz. Why, NPH? Why, why, why?

When did Michael Steele become a liberal darling? Two appearances with Rachel now, and one with Jon. Surely he’ll be visiting Colbert soon enough.

While we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop, here’s some more idiotic white guys getting butthurt:

Call the WAAAAAAAMBULANCE – Teabagger reps discover health insurance is expensive

My favorite is the lead douchebag whining about his $1200/mo premium (for his still-not-individual “retired sheriff” BCBS plan). I’ll get around to feeling bad for him right after I get done feeling bad about the people who don’t have a $175k Congresscritter salary to cover similar premiums…

It’s like they think they’re rich or something.

Maybe it’s a teaching moment for the less dense ones. Yeah right, I know.

Maybe it’s a puller-downer-rebuilder. He’ll buy the next three houses and put in a runway and day-care.

What the fuck is with this guy:

Is he trying to establish his death-to-the-poor cred with the teabagger crowd or something? If that’s what he wants he needs to initiate a program to issue federal hunting licenses for the indigent.

I rise from my apparent deathbed to note that for this guy to resign in 3 hours there must be some Caligula shit going on we just haven’t found out about yet.

Be patient….

In the meantime, .5 diapers.

Fuck. You link to Gawker. That’s bad enough. But then I got suckered into reading a review of spiderman on fucking New York Mag’s fucking website. Have you any idea what that’s like? Have you?

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