Title: “Mr. Sunday’s Soups”

Authors: Lorraine Wallace and Chris Wallace

Rank: 64

Blurb: “After a long day on air, Chris would often arrive home hungry and delight at the sight of a big pot of his wife Lorraine’s soup on the burner.”

Review: “I like to make big vats and store in freezer bags.”

Customers Also Bought: “Known and Unknown: A Memoir”, by Donald Rumsfeld

Footnote: “Mr. Sunday is a serial killer.”

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I’ll bet he tells her to ONLY address him as “Mr Sunday.”

What are the recipes?
“Not even worth your dad’s farts” Split Pea Soup
“No integrity” Navy Bean Soup
“I’m Murdoch’s Bitch” Gazpacho
“I am propagandist shill, but I sleep on a bed of money” Beef Barley

@blogenfreude: Cloned from early-60s Playboy bunnies. What woman with any brains would want to be with them?


She looks like “Mrs. Bob” from the old Enzyte commercials, especially with the Joker smile she’s got on.

How’d he get the name “Mr. Sunday”. Who elevated him to American household Sunday icon status?

I wanted to learn much more about Mrs. Wallace and all I could find was a quote from the publisher provided by Don Imus:

“Lorraine Wallace is the wife of Chris Wallace, the anchor of the popular network show Fox News Sunday. Wallace also appears every Friday on Fox and Friends and does twenty-two “hits” every week on local TV and radio to promote his news show.”

They’re eating soup out of a square bowl. Look at the cover. Only shitty restaurants use square bowls and plates to hide the fact that the food sucks and is over priced. Maybe little miss Lorraine the pilgrim will show up on “Snapped” or “Deadly Women” after cooking him some anti freeze minestrone or some arsenic gazpacho to tell her side of the story. “He just never could tell the truth. Never. Ever. Why couldn’t he be more like his Daddy? I just couldn’t take the lies no more. He embarrassed me on national TV every day. I’m not sorry.” She will tearfully mutter as the credits roll.

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