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We now return to our wall-to-wall Egypt coverage, brought to you by Halalipops! Official snack of pagan revolutions!


Was it Henny Youngman or Rodney Dangerfield who said “my wife treats me like a god. She always gives me burnt offerings.” Baked?

if Obabma means what he says about wanting to be a transformational president IMO this is an opportunity that will not come twice. if he would grow a pair and get out in front of this ending up on the right side of these conflicts as the dominos fall he could transform the view the arab world has had of the west for a thousand years.

I think his approach so far has been acceptable. marginally. but he needs to show them that we are willing back the freedom and democracy that we like to talk about so much.

aljazerra yesterday pronounced US speaks out of both sides of its mouth. its true.
time to put the fuck up or shut the fuck up Barry

@Capt Howdy: A forked tongue is useful for that.

What’s the name of that game you worked on? Stephen Colbert’s Red Cell Armageddon of Doom IV feat. Stephen Colbert? I’m wondering if Son of RML might dig it. He’s playing the shit out of what ever the latest Halo is.

BTW, does Kate Beckinsale do anything else besides catsuit and machine gun movies?

close but no cigar. that sounds pretty awsum.

I saw her in a pretty intense movie I cant remember the name of, stand by while my greycells are warming up, about a couple who get trapped in the motel from hell. it was actually pretty good. she can kick serious ass without super powers.

She was once a pretty good dramatic actress allegedly… if you look, most of the her movies are done by her producer hubby which explains her “love” of Bayhem lite movies.


ding ding information retrieved.

@ManchuCandidate: I saw a quote from her about whether she was going to do more Underworld or whatever movies and she said, “no, I think I’ve embarrassed by daughter enough already.”

Mila Kunis, on the other hand, can do both Robot Chicken and Black Swan.

Her father was a charming light comedian and was pretty well-known from TV. He died very young. He’s in a show called Rising Damp with the always fab Franky de la Tour and Leonard Rossiter. It’s being repeated somewhere. She did a few TV versions of novels. Not sure how the hell she got into movies.

the underworld movies are terrific guilty fun. Im glad she embarrassed her daughter. you know who absolutely chews up the scenery in those?
Bill Nighy.

@Dodgerblue: Yes, (from older thread), Israel is watching, waiting, and I’m sure she’s got a roomful of contingency plans.

You still stuck in this East Coast hellhole?

I’m going to try to take a news holiday today. Let’s see how that works.

@Capt Howdy: We’re still anticipating both of your games. Red Faction: Armageddon, motherfuckers!

@JNOV: Leaving Dirty Snowville, DC today for LAX. Back Thurs for a deposition and a meeting with some federales. Joy.

dont tell anyone I said this but the one I am no now Saints Row. is way more fun.
to play and to work on.

AJ announces
the military will absolutely not fire on the people.
I am listening to a military leader right now who sound a helluva lot like a protester.

“I will take off my uniform and join you on the streets”

buckle you seat belts bitches

In related news, Atlas Juggs comes out of the fascism closet for REALS

So much for the “teabaggers luv democracy” myth…

museum looting didnt happen. its a lie. so says aj correspondent

@Capt Howdy:
conflicting reports some destruction at the museum but it was stopped at least in part BY the protesters.

@Dodgerblue: OH! PM me how long you’ll be in town this time — or is it just the ole in n out?

@Capt Howdy: Won’t tell a soul. :-)

@Capt Howdy: Yeah. At one point, demonstrators were protecting it, but the govt said that they (the govt) were, so who knows? I’m leaning toward the demonstrators because I like them better. :-)

Okay — need brain rest. See you on the flip side.

complaints that the army is not opposing the protesters but they are also not protecting them from the above mentioned harassers. several have been killed.
aj says the now have whatever arms they found in the looted police stations which I would imaging are substantial. if this doesnt change I predict that we will start seeing some of those missing police guns.

PS “Mummy Dearest” <– worst pun I've seen in a LONG time.

neighborhoods where many protester types live being attacked and looted. forcing many protesters to go home to protect home and family.

Mubarak is a slippery fuck. he know how to do this doesnt he?

@Capt Howdy: Saw this on AJ’s live blog and thought of your friend’s sister (is that right?):
6:14pm Reports emerge of gun fire in the affluent Cairo neighborhood of Mahdi. Local men are going into the street with clubs and chains to prevent looting. Residents are trying to protect the entrance to the neighborhood with blockades.

confirmed. thugs from “the regime” attacking and looting. many reports of this. army knows this asks people to clear the streets so they can deal with them.

@Capt Howdy: AJ again. 7:31pm The Egyptian military is now reportedly driving through suburbs trying to protect affluent homes from looters.

no doubt that many “looters” are in fact police out of uniform.

A bunch of Egyptian military brass who were in DC flew home in a big hurry. I call the military taking over to restore order within 24 hours.

@Dodgerblue: The AJ iPhone app also has the live feed. Convenient if you actually want to use your computer.

@nojo: These events have brought the Israelis and Saudis together. Who woulda thought?

Update: according to the Jerusalem Post, the Palestinian Authority is supporting Mubarak. Follow the money, I guess.

How long before Pam “Atlas Juggs” Geller’s head asplodes?

@Dodgerblue: Talk about getting caught flat footed.

@Capt Howdy: Yeah, that shit is pretty evil, and clever. An opponent without a conscience has the ultimate freedom to act. Regular people have no really way to anticipate what they will do since we don’t go that far. Lessons learned in law and politics.

This has probs been said already, but: if memory serves, Dubya was thrilled when the Palestinan Authority turned away from terrorism and towards democracy. Right up to the point when Hamas won an election.

The law of unintended consequences hasn’t been repealed yet. Now there’s a project for the House GOP if I ever saw one.

Some suggestions that “looters” are actually security goons.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has a “Web Desk” with a Rick Sanchez clone. America ruins everything.

I’ve seen reports that Mubarak’s new VP is the guy who ran the Egyptian part of the US “extraordinary rendition” operation for Bush. Can anyone confirm?

. . . the rent house across the street has been a crime scene all morning since 9 am mountain. They just pulled someone out on a gurney and the crime lab, coroner’s van, and marked and unmarked units have cleared out. Early cop reports: cause of death was natural, but with some odd or unusual elements. My money is on an OD. I’m just glad Son of RML’s friend and her mom and sister who live there are apparently unharmed. I’m thinking the victim was mom’s boyfriend.

I love my neighborhood.

@Dodgerblue: Yeppers, es verdad, per New Yorker writer Jane Mayers’ book The Dark Side.

@Nojo/TJ: Going back to our conversation a couple days ago about phallic buildings, here’s the tshirt with Sutro Tower and space ships that I mentioned that I got for Mr. SFL.

Looks like a pleasant evening in Cairo:,%20Egypt&wuSelect=WEATHER

Locked out of my gun cabinet. Something must have fallen against the mechanism inside.

/back to work on it with the X Games, aka “the Stoner Olympics”, on

@SanFranLefty: Ah. I actually went looking for that, but couldn’t find it.

Haven’t been paying close attention, but I’m hearing noise from AJ about worries that the fire next door may still spread to the antiquities museum.

@chicago bureau: I read somewhere a funny account of how Condoleezza Rice started her workout as the polls were closing and thought nothing of it and then, like, three hours later, still working out, obvs (that woman is a machine), she realized what had happened and snapped into action.

Have we all seen this? Funny movie posters. See earlier posting re shallow.

And this? A parody of the Daily Mail. Funny ad for a new magazine Racist Nan. Like the Onion but funny.

@mellbell: Yeah, I don’t find anything funny about Condoleeza Rice.

@redmanlaw: Dude, BUY HIM BRUTAL LEGEND!!!!!!

Y’all can thank me later.

ADD: You can probably even get it used.

@nojo: Sharif Don’t Like It Dept: LA Times says that Mubarak sent out the jet fighters.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: It’s not that Condi is funny. It’s funny how blindsided the administration was by a perfectly predictable event.

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