GOD TV Will Get You for That

Stinque is a Sandy Eggo operation, answerable to the laws of California, the United States, and of God.

GOD TV is based in England, which qualifies them as socialist.

Vimeo is a New York-based video-hosting service, popularly known as “Who?” Vimeo offers, at user discretion, the capability to embed uploaded videos on third-party websites.

Max Blumenthal holds a Vimeo user account, to which he posted the above video, entitled “GOD TV and Jewish National Fund’s Forest Of Hate”, in December 2010. The video — linked from his related December 12 blog post — includes his original footage, as well as clips from GOD TV and CNN. Blumenthal has elected to make the video available for embedding.

Salem-News.com is an alternative-news website based in Salem, Oregon, better known as “We’re still an hour away from Powell’s.” On December 19, 2010, Salem News elected to embed Blumenthal’s Vimeo video in a news story.

GOD TV was not amused.

22 December 2010

Notification of copyright infringement

We represent the Angel Foundation. The Angel Foundation owns GOD TV, a television channel and website that spreads religious messages globally.

It has come to our client’s attention that an article entitled “Killing in the Name…” (the “Article) posted on your website has embedded into it a video entitled “GOD TV and Jewish National Fund’s Forest of Hate (the “video”). Interpolated into the Video is video footage belonging to our client which was first broadcast on GOD TV’s BTS and which is clearly marked with our client’s (registered) trade mark (the “Footage”). Further you have partially transcribed the dialog from the Footage itself and the underlying literacy and/or dramatic rights (together, the “Works”) were created by and vest in our client.

Salem News has since removed the embedded video from its story. But since the video remains live on Vimeo and available for embedding, we are electing to embed it here. Please refer to our DMCA Notice for instructions.

For quickest — and most ironically appropriate — results, send your complaint to god@www.stinque.com. We’ll take care of it soon as we wake up. Probably early evening GMT, knowing us.

Israeli-Backed ‘God TV’ in UK Hits Salem-News.com With Legal Assault [Salem-News.com, via Jesus’ General]

Not having noticed the Holocaust, GOD is now worrying about DMCA rights.

I can only hope GODTV and their Israeli friends reap what they sow.

Apparently some people haven’t heard of “fair use”…

@ManchuCandidate: Because, as George Carlin famously wrote about God, “He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more.”

Vimeo actually doesn’t allow users to turn embedding off.

@hunkamonkiman: Yes it does. I encountered this problem with a client video last year.

Let’s face it, ever since He became less popular than the Beatles, Gawd’s just been a nervous wreck.

@hunkamonkiman: Come to think of it, the client problem concerned downloading the video. If I’m in error, I’ll let it stand. Because I’m lazy.

@nojo: I’m developing a site that aggregates embedded videos, and one of the checks I had to do was whether videos are embeddable (via the video’s RSS feed), and I got it to work with youtube, but I scanned vimeo’s feed and found nothing. And I can’t find a way to disable embedding of my own videos on vimeo. I thought it was weird, too, but they’ve always done things differently.

@hunkamonkiman: Fun fact: They’re owned by IAC.

Well, fun for me, anyway. I’d never bothered to look into it before.

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