Congratulations to Sarah Palin’s Writing Staff!

“That was a tough speech to have to sit through and kind of try to stomach because the president is so off-base in his ideas. And his theme last night in the State of the Union was the ‘WTF,’ you know, ‘Winning the Future.’ And I thought, ‘OK, that acronym, spot on.’ There were a lot of ‘WTF’ moments throughout that speech.” [WaPo, via Political Wire]


And this just in from Obama for America:

Right now, if you make a donation of $25 or more, we’ll send you a free, limited-edition “We do big things” T-shirt, so you can publicly show your support for his vision.

Does the tee feature an arrow pointing down?

Never thought I would say this about something which escaped Sarah Palin’s lips, but damn, that’s clever.

sarah failin’ also alleges that the cccp (olympics name) won the space race. what a traitor commie slut she is. fortunately as usual she is wrong because as the immortal sam kinison often said, if the russians think they won the space race, they should go to the moon and bring our flag back. of course, they didn’t. i sure do miss the classic USA/CCCP matchups in the olympics back in the day. vying for the gold in figure skating against latvia now just don’t compare to facing off against the red army in hockey like it used to be.

@jwmcsame: Or either side boycotting sure losses.


FFS, it seems like some marketroid comes up with that slogan every couple of years. They tried it at Ohio State for a minute, until the shoops of naked morbidly obese people / John Holmes / Giant Dildo Of Death / 3-liter of vodka etc etc etc started popping up. :)

And then we got this, which should have been pre-screened with teenage boys before launch. Seriously, nobody thought it looked just a *little* wang-ish? Or, for that matter, bong-ish?

@al2o3cr: Go, Fightin’ Priapi!

Regarding Barry, it’s like he tried to channel Ronnie, but Jerry got in the way.

@al2o3cr: This what the city of Knoxville, Tn., capitol of Rocky Top used to attract visitors to the 1982 Worlds Fair. It was built for that express purpose and still stands:

@jwmcsame: Seattle dodged a bullet with the Space Needle.

@nojo: Damn, my Obamamail includes no tee offer. You better snap that up while you can, you lucky dog.

Add: I’m assuming this one’s available in “girly” tee sizes?

@jwmcsame: Holland, MI, is the hub of a community of uber-religious and conservative Dutch immigrants. Yet this is the fountain at the center of its largest park. If that’s not a study in outlets of sexual repression, I don’t know what is.

@jwmcsame: I went to the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. My one and only time in that fair city.

@nojo: I would, but swearing off the further acquisition of ironic tees was my New Year’s resolution. However, I’m allowed to keep the two I already own: the one that says “Upper Class Aspirations” and the one with the pic of Daley that says “Mayor for Life.”

@flippin eck: You’ll have to get a Rahmbo shirt though, if he manages to pull off becoming Da Mayor.

The Seattle Municipal Tower beats ’em all in the massive penis contest. It’s particularly impressive when large plumes of white steam are venting out of the head top of the shaft.

@SanFranLefty: In all the time I’ve known of it — going back to my childhood — “Coitus Tower” has never crossed my mind.

@nojo: It’s a tribute to firemen, and Hitchcock said he featured it in Vertigo as a phallic symbol, and you had never thought of that?


Wow, South Park made that a bit of a double-entendre:

Cartman: “Yes, the fireman is very magical. If you rub his helmet, he spits in your eye.”


@nojo: Ha! I love Sutro Tower. Last year I got Mr. SFL a t-shirt with a picture of Sutro Tower being attacked by space ships.

@SanFranLefty: I wasn’t familiar with Herb’s line, but it captures how I’ve always seen it:

“I keep waiting for it to stalk down the hill and attack the Golden Gate Bridge.”

@SanFranLefty: did you remember if you stopped by a little venue called the “world of crystal”? we had all this alleged fine european crystal that the etcher would vandalize with that little red flaming ball symbol for the fair. we had cool crystal balls that would reflect the hot summer sun into all kinds of cool reflections if you got high enough before work. we also had a glass blower that would blow sunspheres for anybody that wanted one. pun intended. a friend of mine worked this idiotic carnival ride that was very boring especially with the oompah music it played. his boss told him it was his fault no one rode the ride and if he livened up his attitude, smiled and talked to the folks more, more folks would ride. he took the advice to heart and started playing grateful dead instead of the oompah music. eventually he started playing those bootleg cassettes of live dead shows that were all around in the 80’s. all of a sudden that ride became the biggest draw at the fair with tourists and dead heads alike from all over the world dead dancing all around that ride. i discovered cannabis indica that year.

@nojo: T-Shirt size (choose ‘N/A’ if you don’t want a shirt)


@SanFranLefty: This never crossed my mind before, and I can’t find instant confirmation online: Did Burning Man cop Sutro Tower?

@jwmcsame: I think my sister got some sort of faux crystal tchotchke, she was in to that type of shit. I was 9. I guess that before Epcot opened, World’s Fairs were a bigger deal.

Speaking of World’s Fairs and phallic symbols, I present to you the Tower of the Americas, built in 1968 in San Antonio when the city hosted the World’s Fair.

@SanFranLefty: I went to the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962, but as a three-year-old all I vaguely remember is an arcade with the bowling-target game. We did manage to keep a set of commemorative drinking glasses intact for years afterward.

@nojo: I’m sure they ripped it off for the Burning Man. I love Sutro Tower because this is such a fucking NIMBY city where people can’t build or do anything without 15 years of community meetings, that it’s a tribute to when shit could just be done, no matter how weirdly hideous it is. I like it – it reminds me of similar towers in European cities. I think it’s Barcelona or Valencia that has one that is almost identical.

Video of lightning striking Sutro Tower.

@SanFranLefty: Somewhere I have a nice poster of the SF skyline — four shots over a hundred years or so. In the third shot, it’s Hitchcock’s 1950s SF: small buildings rolling over small hills. In the fourth shot, the skyscrapers have sprouted.

Hitch’s moment is the most charming.

@SanFranLefty: The most hiddy European tower has to be Prague’s TV tower. Your eyes don’t deceive you–those are giant metal babies crawling all over it! I’m positive Danny Boyle must’ve visited before he made Trainspotting.

@al2o3cr: O.M.G. I had no idea. And now I’m scarred. That makes Boyle’s ceiling baby look cute by comparison.

@al2o3cr: Whoooooaaaah. That’s going to give me nightmares.

ADD: It’s like an adult Kenny, bronzed.

@nojo: I saw a shirt at a truck stop near Gallup NM that said “I’m the liberal Rush Limbaugh warned you about.”

@flippin eck: Hey, sounds like the Illinois Supreme Court has paved the way for Rahm’s inauguration. Time for his opponents to pull out the ballet photos.
@redmanlaw: So did you buy it? Reminds me of the joke that Ann Richards told in 1994 about how she was going to send campaign staff to East Texas with signs that said “I’m the gay from Austin who Ann sent to take your guns.”

@SanFranLefty: From the MayorEmanuel twitter account:


Twitter’s usefulness is one of many technological breakthroughs I’ve gotten wrong.

One Palin post is enough for a day, so let’s stuff this here:

Former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will give the keynote address in February at the Reagan Ranch Center honoring the 100th anniversary of the former president’s birthday… Former Vice President Dick Cheney will speak at the end of the celebrations on Saturday February 5th.

Theme of the celebration will be The Shining Shitty Upon a Hill.

“WTF” is not an acronym, Sarah.

Back to bed.

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