Frothy Mix of Lube and Fecal Matter Plays a Very Smelly Race Card

“The question is — and this is what Barack Obama didn’t want to answer — is that, is that human life a person under the Constitution? And Barack Obama says no. Well if that person, human life is not a person, then I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say, ‘No, we’re going to decide who are people and who are not people.'” [Washington Monthly, via Political Wire]


An inspired headline, even by Stinque standards. But don’t you think he was referring to the 3/5 rule in the Constitution?

Because in Santorum’s world, only white people get to determine who’s a person.

What happened to the edit button?

Has my computer been compromised?

I wanted to strike “people” and replace it with “men.”

@Dodgerblue: That is indeed what Santorum was alluding to. But I would never accuse former Senator Frothy Mix of acting in good faith.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Buttons still there. Did you get logged out by mistake?

This reminds me that I have a date tonight.

@homofascist: Be sure to sanitize the Rimshot Button when you’re done.


I’m writing a paper on managing conflict through negotiation and mediation, and I’ve just bust out laughing from a section in the book:

When conflicting parties act irrationally, recommendations for negotiations are likely to prove ineffective. Irrational behavior could be inspired by intense anger, latent hostility, drug or alcohol abuse, or psychosis.

Welcome to AmeriKKKa circa 2011.

@¡Andrew!: The Stinque Philosophy Department would like to point out that negotiation & mediation guides tend to presume that the reader is a space alien.


In the form of a question: “Is Republican intransigence caused by intense anger, latent hostility, drug or alcohol abuse, or psychosis?”

The answer: all of the above, plus whatever you categorize “thinking Jeebus tells you personally what to do” if we’re being polite and not lumping it with psychosis. :)

T/J: Google kicks Eric Schmidt upstairs. He and Nojo will now be consultants to the two nerds who are richer than Croesus but probably not as much fun to hang out with.

@nojo: No, I couldn’t be logged out, because then I couldn’t comment.

@nojo: Like Game Theory, they also tend to assume that all of the players are rational. I might as well be writing a book report about hobbits.

@Dodgerblue: PourMeCoffee tweets:

Larry Page has just ousted Eric Schmidt as Mayor of Google on @foursquare.

Me, I couldn’t possibly be a Google consultant. All my Apple gear would reveal me as a mole.

@al2o3cr: “Have you got that agonizing, burning, itching sensation when you negotiate? Ask your doctor about Reince Priebus.”

I am having a weird day. I rebooted my computer and I still can’t edit my own comment!

FB is working again, so I don’t know what’s up.

@¡Andrew!: Hahahhaha.

@homofascist: Happy date night. Don’t listen to Catt. Bitter is not a flattering color.

@Dodgerblue: As a child I worried about Croesus’s whanger. Did it turn to gold? How did he carry it around? Was it heavy? Did it pay the national debt? Or was it like three bucks and change? Either way what fun is that? Compared to the real flesh and engorged blood rampaging pitiless heat-seeking missile of hard man flesh….

What? Why is everyone looking at me?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: You might want to try praying to the hamsters. That usually works for me.

@¡Andrew!: I just worked on a case where I advised my client re the other side: there’s no legal solution to a personality disorder.

If you want, google up “k’e” and Navajo for information on the Navajo tradition of dispute resolution by “talking things out”, which the courts and administrative tribunals out there have embraced.

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