Wonkette Commenter Strike Celebrates Three Years of Complete Ineffectiveness

Let this be a lesson, kids: One night of orgiastic frenzy, and you’ll be living with the consequences the rest of your life.

Good Morning, Ladies & Gentlemen [Homofascist’s Army, 1/19/2008]

The Year in Review [Stinque, 12/31/2008]


And for the randomness of the Internets, I thank baby Jeebus and the FSM that we, the cranky and the smart-assy, have all been brought together.

heres to three more years of ineffectiveness

Wait a minute! I thought blogging was the new paradigm where each of us had the power to enlighten the unwashed masses with the brilliance of our thoughts. Now you’re telling me nobody gives a shit? Oh, the pain.

As I have said before, I’m not sure how I would have made it through the last three years without you, my beautiful freaks. Even Benedick.

@Capt Howdy: You can’t go wrong with vodka as a gift.

Stinque gets me through the day, every day.

/still on strike

Woohoo! Group hug!!
Thanks to Nojo for keeping this up and running.

@SanFranLefty: From commenting or even reading Wonkette.

@redmanlaw: Ahh, phew! I thought you meant from here.

Whoo hoo! Inappropriate hugs all around! And special thanks to Nojo for taking meticulous care of this cool, little playground (you can barely see the broken concrete under the wood chips!) and for being the best recess monitor ever.

Hey guys, I just happened to be passing by with 17 hookers and a pintglass full of blow, and…. Hey, a party!

@SanFranLefty: I was way too fuckin busy to post over the past few days. Dr appts, reloading, range time, skiing, kid taxi service, work, sweeping the floor – you know, all that IRL shit.

@IanJ: if that’s “17 year old hookers” you could be the Italian prime minister.

Happy b’day. Thanks, noje. I don’t believe half the things Catt says about you.

Dreadful horrible weather here though last night, during a longish power outage, the night sky was the color of pearl. So not all bad.

And in a spirit of ‘Let’s all try to get along’ here is something as ravishing as it is strange.

Three more years!! May Nojo and the hamsters live long and prosper.

@Benedick: That man has a beautiful voice. A bit mind boggling is his range, and I really wonder what his speaking voice is like. I always wonder how counter-tenors do it. My falsetto is powerful like a dying mouse, with a range of about half an octave.

@Benedick: Isn’t Nathan Lane’s brother that kind of countertenor? I swear I saw him in Chicago in the mid-nineties playing Mary Sunshine.

@IanJ: Gorgeous voice, isn’t it? And he sure can sing.

Happy birthday one and all!

I’ll have some Appleton’s tonight to celebrate.

@IanJ: I just bought the LP. I have him singing Faure and early 20th cent frogs. Lovely.

@Benedick: Ah. Fauré. Now listening to SF Saxophone Quartet play Pavane.

ADD: Now John Williams playing, guess what — Pavane!

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