Jets QB Mark Sanchez

For Benedick (if this doesn’t turn you into a Jets fan, I give up):


Darling, you’re not actually a gay man, are you? I’m sure he’s very good to his mother but just because he has his shirt off does not equate with motel wrestling with Democratic candidates for Preznit. But I do thank you for your trans-orientation outreach. I suspect this would be much the same as me inviting you to go all boner over Jessica Simpson. In other words – ugh.

I could be totally wrong about this and am happy to cede the floor to our new gay/questioning Stinquers noje and IanJ. Hot or Not?

@Benedick: Sigourney Weaver draped on the windowsill in Ghostbusters.

Wait, what?

@nojo: You do know that Sigourney is trans questioning? In the secret homo fag headquarters her moniker is CeebeeBitch.

Bloggie: These two might have done it. One. Two. And mebbe this. His legs are hairy as a beaver’s!


@Benedick: CeebeeBitch? Like on a CB radio?

@Benedick: I do know that Sigourney in a shortie tee being hunted by an Alien was the fucking horniest thing I’d ever seen in a movie up to that moment.

@nojo: So, let’s see…I was 13 when Alien came out, so that made you what? 21? SMH

@blogenfreude: Darling. Big breaths.

@nojo: Up to that moment. Where the big phallus bursts through her chest? And did that make you want to suck it?

@JNOV: Let’s check the date…

Ah. I was 20.

@Benedick: No, at the end, where she’s in the shortie and panties, and the monster sticks out its tongue at her. Ridley knew what he was doing.

@JNOV: That has got to rank high as one of the worst Police songs.

Related: Ewww, Sting! Stewart Copeland was my guy.

@nojo: Holy shit! You’re the same age as STATES[interrobang] Did Hawaii still have her queen when you were born?

@Dodgerblue: But you’d do him if he played at UKLAH?

@JNOV: Mom’s from Juneau. Family joke is that she’s a furriner.

@JNOV: Hmmm…

Yes. Yes, I am. Although somewhere along the way, my handlers forgot to activate me.

@nojo: You mean you and Manchu didn’t play cards when he came to WDH?

@JNOV: The Red Queen got buried at the bottom of the popcorn bowl.

@nojo: Haha! Did you ever see the Duckman parody?

Christian Bale won for Best Supporting. He deserved it.

@Dodgerblue: I’m doing hackwork in between Gervais shitting on the crowd.

@Dodgerblue: LURVE HIM! But he needs to eat a sammich! I mean, yeah, he needed to look all tweaked out for The Machinist, and I know he doesn’t want to be typecast, but DUDE! Matt Damon damaged his heart when he played the smack addict medic in Courage Under Fire.

@nojo: He pronounces his name all wrong.

What? Please. Cher? Bitch caint sang!

I love watching famous wealthy people squirm.

Looks like Stallone laid off the plastic surgery. Good on him.

Ewwww. They both look like they should be extras in The Walking Dead.

I’m surprised Giamatti didn’t trip him.

Somebody needs to throw a flag when the countdown clock expires.

Jim Parsons is 77, the sad victim of multiple facelifts.

Did I miss anything? I was watching Christina Hendricks in Firefly. So, let’s see… a lighter Morena Baccarin is in V; Summer Glau was in TSCC :’-( and apparently Zac Efron played a young Simon Tam.

Anyway, tonight Helena Bonham Carter looks just as nutty as she did in Fight Club. Shame.

Jesus. Whose that pasty guy with the incredibly bad teeth? I kinda recognize him, but…

Ah. I’ve met Tobias Wolff (before grad school). :-)

I’m told January Jones has a face. I’ll tell you when I notice it.

Is audio being cut, or is my box acting up? Same thing happened with De Niro.

@JNOV: Screwed-up remote feed is my best guess. It’s been doing that all night.

Could also be audio-delay bleeping, but it doesn’t sound like that.

@nojo: Ah. I was hoping De Niro and Giamatti were cussin’.

Oh, I thought Colin Farrell was in that movie. I can’t understand a damned thing he says anyway. He’d be perfect for that role.

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