Part of this is down to me watching oodles of Sport.  Part of it, too, is that I finally decided to get a new car (first in eleven years — which tells you all you need to know about my love of the car retailing industry — a dark blue Mustang V6 convertible if you must know).  But I am wanting for nominees for this week’s Psychometer.

But you ask: “what? Are you blind? The Talibunny’s “blood libel” speech counts, doesn’t it?” See, I envisioned the Psychometer as a tool to measure how badly Republicans would do it if they had unified control over the government again.  The point is, after this week, Sarah Palin will not, under any circumstances, hold any lever of power in the United States of America.

If you can tell me how any truly moderate person in this country (who are supposedly the pivot-point on which all elections swing) would ever pick Sarah Plain and Dumb over Black Eagle, please…. enlighten me.  Absent that: Sarah Palin quotes, in my mind, are out — because she will never, ever get elected to anything, ever again.

(There’s that.  But also: I can’t find a source on Louis Gohmert’s (Tex.) claim that Jared Loughner is some sort of ideal citizen for dirty hippie liberals.)

That’s my thinking this week.  Please add yours.


pick Sarah Plain and Dumb over Black Eagle, please…. enlighten me

Easy. Racism. Look at Geraldine Ferraro. By all intents and purposes a Demrat’s Demrat. Barry shows up and suddenly she’s on Faux Newz screeching about legalities blah blah blah.

@Manchu: this from a woman that could not pull any state in the Northeast, or any other, out of the fire in 1984.


She really pissed off a lot of folks when she did that.

@chicago bureau:
True, but Raygun could not lose in 84.

@ManchuCandidate: O_o

Oh, hey — did you see the Tiger Mother backpedaling from this?

WTF? Baby Doc is back?


Someone recently called the grifter ice-queen “America’s first Internet Concern Troll prezidenshal candidate.” Too true, too true.

Given a choice between an Asian Tiger mom and a US America stage mom, I’d pick the Asian Tiger mom every time (saw a recent Gawker post about US America stage moms… imagine getting waxed at 5 years old! Ugh. Mom wanted to push me, but that’s insane.)

On the other hand I will not miss my mom laying out guilt trips, the constant psychological warfare, the constant shouts of “Study”, her “must marry Korean” rants and her way of trying to motivate me by comparing me (unfavorably) to my cousins and her friends sons. She doesn’t do the comparison anymore when
a) my cousins and her friends’ sons proved to be way more inept and stupider than myself (that’s pretty bad)
b) two married poorly… one married a Korean Peg Bundy to my schadenfreude and mom was not happy when I called the wife in the Korean naming style, Bun-hee Peg and she fled the room screaming that Korean women weren’t like that.

What I’ve realized is that my mom wasn’t totally horrible because many were worse. Much worse.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, yeah. I had no idea that stuff existed until Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered. Horrible! My mom tried to stage mom me at one point (lied to me and took me to audition for a play musical — got a part despite debilitating stage fright), but she laid off eventually (putting on some tween pudge helped). At least she wasn’t dying my hair when I was four, but she sure as hell was pushing me to act.

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