Gisele’s Husband On His Ass

This play is the one we Jets fans will be thinking of today at 4:30 when the division game against the Patriots kicks off – from Week 2:


Please kick the Pats’ asses!

@JNOV: please send your best thoughts towards Foxboro.

Oh. I saw ‘ass’. And whatever. Wasn’t sure if there’d be pics. Carry on.

@Benedick: Our house will move seamlessly, so to speak, from football to what we call the Golden Globs. I always like the Red Carpet part. “Lookit those tits!”

@Benedick: did you mean “pics” or “pecs”?

Announcer said Brady was “angry” about his last series … fuck Brady, and fuck the announcers who think his shit doesn’t stink.

@blogenfreude: You got it. I just woke up from passing out after two beerz. What’s the score?

Yeah. Growing up in Scientology didn’t fuck up Beck. Or Juliette Lewis. But Beck knew Where It’s At.

@Nabisco: Heh. Bet them Seahawks fans are commiserating with some Sombre Reptiles.

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