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Everyday the climax of the Quentin Tarrantino movie.

Why does everyone think they can shoot like Delta Force or SAS operator?

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, great – that’s how Machete will end?

/throws dvd over shoulder

Thanks, thanks a lot.

ADD: Man, people must think I got nothing better to do than work on their cases all day long. Yeesh.

@redmanlaw: Oh, great – that’s how Machete will end?

The Author considers the timing of making another Mexican Standoff joke, then conveniently realizes he has hackwork to do.

@nojo: Jessica Alba is either a terrible actress or awesome at playing a cardboard cutout of a character.

In addition to Spike Heel-Fu, Machete also features Shard of Glass-Fu and Yard Implement-Fu, Weed Whacker Style.

@redmanlaw: Oh, where is it in the queue…

Available 2/1/2011

Guess I’ll just keep watching the trailer until then.

@redmanlaw: Question: Is there a cooking lesson on the DVD?

@redmanlaw: Machete was awesome, in classic Rodriguez cartoony style. But better than Alba was the other Rodriguez in the movie. Not to mention Trejo, who is serious badass.

Slightly on (this) topic: placed my hands in the Jackie Chan imprints on the Hong Kong Walk of Fame. No stunt doubles!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: If I’m an Aries, that fucks up everything everyone has ever said about me.

@nojo: I just barely make the cut for Pisces. Totally would have fucked up my self image.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: @nojo: I, on the other hand, feel vindicated. Aquarius always seemed a better fit for me than gentle, dreamy Pisces.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Oh, come on! Anyone that knows me for two seconds knows that I am the very model of a scorpio, and proudly so.

Libra my ass.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: No way. What is this “Taurus” stuff? I’m of two minds about everything, ergo a natural born Gemini.

@Nabisco: No way. What is this “Taurus” stuff?

Fuck you, pal. That’s what that Taurus stuff is. Back to your sad Gemini life, and keep yer double-crossing fingers off my private bull parts.

I am Sagittarius, no matter how the equinoxes may precess.

@JNOV: Not to gloat, but I’m still a Leo!

@mellbell: Yay! Now, are you left-handed? We’re a special breed.

Yeah, they tried to kick me back to Cancer, but this stuff is like science and stuff. They took the wobble thing into account when they predicted the glorious day of my birth.

(A long time ago, my chart was done based on the time and place of my birth — I’m supposed to rule the world or something. Still waiting…)

@JNOV: Now, are you left-handed?

Don’t you know it.

Geez, I just noticed this new one — Ophiuchus — between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Now they’re just making shit up.

Oh, well, it seems that the siderealists have simply broken out of the box. Carry on as you were!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Rachel just closed her show with a segment on it. Fun to watch, whenever they post it online.

TJ/ I’m seriously having a Talking Heads Moment.

Attention Law Stinquers:

Judge Kozinski is collecting photos of federal courthouses with flags at half mast in honor of Judge Roll. Could you submit a picture if you don’t see your courthouse or spread the word about the project?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: half mast here at Compound NotTibet – but pictures aren’t allowed. I would get tackled by a marine if I tried.

@Nabisco: I can think of at least three Stinquers who would take that challenge.

@Nabisco: These marines: might they be into wrestling and musical theatre?

Pisces? Who do I need to beat to death with this fucking fish?

@Nabisco: Bummer.

What’s frustrating me right now is there still aren’t any pictures of Texas courthouses. I’d especially like to see the half-staff flag in front of the Wood courthouse in San Antonio. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in Texas anymore that I can have run out and submit a picture.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Just sent in the photo of the Santa Fe courthouse I shot on my way to work this morning.

@redmanlaw: They posted one from ABQ but not yours yet. It’s pretty interesting to see the different architecture of various federal courthouses.

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