Stinque Commenters Welcome 2011

Normally we reserve this image for anniversaries of This Blogging Establishment (not to be confused with anniversaries of This Blogger, or of This Neverending Wonkette Commenter Strike — life is complicated), but seeing how we turned the odometer on 100,000 comments this week, we thought we’d dust it off for the occasion. Next time, remind us to buy a keg.


I have no idea why I’m in a good mood, but I’ll take it. Have this song running through my head for some reason Maybe it’s cuz I love seeing Rod Temperton dancing. Who knew some dude from Lincolnshire would be a funk and R&B sensation?

oy do i have a headache.
i’d sell my soul right now for a percocet.

@baked: I’m sorry. I just washed down some Klonopin with rum after writing FB and inviting them to suck my ass and thanking them for removing their worthless time sink from my life. Diaspora can’t come too soon.

And where’s my fucking jetpack?

Lighten up. It’s time for some Football and Drinking.

Nojo, thanks for pulling out one of the classics to start the new year. My feeling is this will be the picture of the Boehner-led House majority by the end of 2011.

One of my workmates dropped $250 on a party. At a hotel. By O’Hare Airport. Honestly.

She called to say, just after midnight, that there were sooooo many single women that I missed while I stayed home. Yeah — like any of those women (a) would have talked to me in the first place, (b) were sober enough to (i) consent, much less (ii) remember who the fuck I was in the morning in any case, or (c) would have interested me in the least, because each of them PAID TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR AT THE AIRPORT.

(Yeah — for a guy who hasn’t gotten laid in forever, I do have standards.)

On a happier note — OOOH — Flowers on Eh Bee Sea! Tournament of Roses Parade, bitches!

@Dodgerblue: It just ain’t right to have a Rose Bowl without a Pac-10 team in it. The Tree wuz robbed!

@chicago bureau: Did you see the float with the doggies jumping into the pool? How awesome was that one?

I have to switch back and forth between ABC and NBC depending on which announcers are less annoying.

@SanFranLefty: WGN has Bob Eubanks. I was stunned to learn that he’s still alive. You learn something every day.

Learned thing No. 2: 2011 is the Reagan Centenary. We could hear about this again from time to time in the next twelve months. Lord, give me patience.

Doggies was pretty cool, though.

@chicago bureau:
Meh. New Years Day Parties never end well.

Worst New Years I ever had was 1998.
1) Paid $100 for a ticket to a party–told there would be lots of ladies
2) Spent $55 for a dinner
3) Went to the club. Sausage fest.
4) Place ran out of booze at 11:30pm
5) Nearly got into a punch up with a guy when he knocked my precious last beer out of my hand
6) All my friends got fed up as I did so we left early, only discover that no street cars were going our way till 3am
7) Did I mention it was snowing and fucking cold?

BTW, Happy New Year.

@ManchuCandidate: Pa Bureau and I are on the same page on a lot of things. None more so than the utility of Amateur Hour.

We had chili beans, pintos with salt port and chicos, tamales and guacamole last night. One. martini. My friend who doesn’t drink burned his wife’s bacon wrapped bread sticks in the oven after his martini. I chopped the bread ends off, wrapped mine in a tortilla. She was shooting daggers with her eyes. We fell on the snax like starving dogs. Delicious.

Big fire in the living room, outlaw and classic country on the satellite radio, annoying teens off playing with the caja de equis 360 in the gaming/workout room. Our guests were out by 10 pm and I chilled after that watching Kathy and Coop on CNN and a bit of The American (that movie sucked). Switched over to Packing for Mars, a book on the weird stuff about spaceflight they don’t tell you about.

Our new Republican governor is throwing her public inauguration ceremony right now downtown at Santa Fe Plaza, where it’s 5 degrees F with the wind chill. Hee hee hee. It’s so fucking cold TV can’t broadcast it. My photographer friend went out last night in the ancestral homeland and her camera battery froze. I’d like the new administration to kick off with a minor disaster.

Happy New Year, Stinquers!

@SanFranLefty: Agree. Should be Tree vs Cheeseheads.
My wife and are talking to our daughter in Jaffa, Israel by video Skype. It’s a miracle!

OK. So I’m reading Njal’s Saga in which the divorce that causes all the trouble to come happens because the hero’s dick is too big and his wife doesn’t know what to do with it.

I love Icelanders.

@Benedick is chillax to the max: I believe that’s actually Nojo’s Saga, lost in translation.

@nojo: I’d heard you’ve never been seen wearing shorts.

@al2o3cr: I need more funny.

@Benedick is chillax to the max: Wait. I thought the part that was lost in translation was the size thing.

Man. Today started off so nicely.

@al2o3cr: This year’s financial tip: INVEST IN MALDEN.

@nojo: And a WordPress upgrade! I must be incredibly bored today!

@nojo: Yeah. Some of us got kicked of FB today…

@JNOV: Have you figured out how or why that happened?

@SanFranLefty: Nope — I have suspicions, but after I wrote FB first asking them why they disabled my account and then wrote them back and insulted them, I bet I won’t get an answer. I don’t think I’d get one even if I’d been polite.

Jr logged on, and all the content I uploaded has disappeared, esp pictures of us. That makes me kinda sad.

The worst part is that folks are gonna think I blocked them. I could use a FB break, but it would have been nice to have been warned first so I could let folks know I was leaving (again).

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