Happy New Year!

Why all the clocks? The first year we did this, we ran separate posts for each time zone, and inadvertently created a Singularity. Now we just leave it at the East Coast, because really, the rest of America doesn’t count.


“the rest of America doesn’t count.”

I’m just going to chalk that up to self-loathing / Sandyeggo-loathing, and forgive and forget.

[impatient drumming of fingers on table]

… because really, the rest of America doesn’t count.

And you don’t. We have Dick Clark, slurring in the New Year. What do you have in San Diego? The Chargers? Meh – losers. We have stupid glasses, crowded subways (believe me, I got a 2 train at 7:30 at 34th and it was BRUTAL) a Mayor-f0r-Life, and stupid events in Central Park. And I am home – watching No Reservations.

There are parts of America that exist outside of where I am? No kidding?

I am in a parking garage, waiting to get in to some dumb-ass Hollywood party. Famous people keep walking into the club. Luckily, I am stoned to the bone.

Next up: shitty white wine with low-level indie producers. God is not always kind.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Best Eve I ever spent was at a party of wealthy Russian/Ukranian émigrés in an SF townhouse. I was the token American. And the token English-speaker.

Midnight, 010111. Greetings to the binary community.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Parking garage? Tell the truth. You were at Target on La Brea stoned out of your gourd.

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