Bush Audiobook CD Hijacked by Truth

Maybe there’s a God after all:

If you plug your brand-new “Decision Points” audiobook into your Windows computer, you’ll get some pretty unexpected track titles. Why? Because in 2007, various artists made a protest album called “George W. Bush,” and the online database that Windows Media uses to fill in the track titles thinks your audiobook is their album.

There have been complaints of late — we’re guessing from someone who got a copy for Christmas — that chapter titles like “Innocent Children Die” and “Bush It” were popping up when they loaded the album on Windows Media Player.

Other replacement track titles include “The Mistake”, “Death of Democracy”, “The Weapon of Fear”, and “Iraqi Oil Production”. It might be the first time we’ve ever regretted using a Mac, since iTunes uses a different database for CD titles. Then again, we can’t think of a reason we’d ever permit “Decision Points” on our hard drive — we have a strict policy against malware.

Bush Audiobook Chapters Now Include “Bush It” For Windows Users [TPM]

Speaking of idiots with books:

Paul “I’m in ur budget slashin ur S0c14l $3cur1tyz” Ryan requires staffers to read Atlas Shrugged

Does that count as a “hostile workplace”, given that Rand’s idea of heterosexual sex borders on rape?

@al2o3cr: Has the douche heard of Greenspan? Jesus!

May we leave the picture of The Rent’s Too Damn High guy up there forever? Or maybe until the new year?

@JNOV: I hope God looks like that when I get there. That would be awesome.

Hey! Who’s gonna help me with Unicode so we can play dominoes in the comments?

@Dodgerblue: Looks like a garlic and herb pizza to me.

*avoids making comments about cutting remarks on the cd as they slice the pizza*

Is there a hidden track called ” Extraordinary Rendtion” ?

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