Feathered Fawlty for Most Obsequious Pundit

After Salon’s Alex Pareene ran the board last month, the Judges strongly considered just dropping this category and pretending like it never existed. But after the Management reminded them they were being paid by the unit, they bravely forged ahead. With a twist.

This year’s competition is thus a team sport. Fox & Friends, featuring the Faux Ditz (Oxford!) and the Real Ditz (Doocy!) may telegraph every GOP talking point, but accomplishes its mission with a panache that must be the highlight of every Daily Show intern’s day. Facing them at center field is the Washington Post Editorial Page, your source for the best in Torture Apologists.

And the winner is…

The Washington Post. Remember their work on the Pentagon Papers and Watergate? Neither do they.

Next hour: Platinum Passport for State Most Welcome to Secede

The 2010 Stinque Awards

Clap clap clap.

Any place that hires Bill Kristol and Dicky “Kill’em All and let Jehovah sort’em out” Cohen…

I may be out on a limb here (first!) but my nom goes to Stewart/Colbert for the laughable demonstration in DC that made libtard smug a force not to be reckoned with. Ever.

If this seems too deranged then Peggy Noonan for showing us all that while the ship goes down a lady keeps her knees together.

Not to mention that WaPo is trying (not so subtly) to kill some of the legislation that would regulate for-profit colleges and technical schools and how they shove people into getting federal student loans on which the students later default when they get useless pieces of paper from places like the University of Phoenix or WaPo-owned Kaplan…

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