The British scientific publication Royal Society Journal Biology Letters has published new research showing that female red squirrels have sex with up to 14 males a day because the male squirrels are “usually willing and available.”

One of the scientists noted the obvious drawbacks to “having multiple partners means more energy expended on mating, increased exposure to predators as well as increased potential for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  Promiscuity also encourages harassment from male squirrels trying to coerce them into having sex.”

Happy Holidays!

[MSNBC: Promiscuous Squirrels Mate With Up to 14 Males a Day]

Happy Festivus to all.

BTW, that sounds a lot like the sausage fest known as engineering school to me.

I was going to say, sounds like my third year of law school.

Great!now I can’t get the Nut Sac Dance tune out of my head.

@Dodgerblue: Obviously you were in law school before women became the majority at most schools. Tougher odds for the ladiez these days.

@texrednface: Not clacking on ear worms!

Hmmmm…I was incredibly celibate at law school. School too small. Gossip too great.

@JNOV: Went on a few dates with someone in my 1L small section in the first month or two of school, felt like I was back in junior high, and realized that for my own sanity I needed to focus my dating interests outside of the law school. And so then I met Mr. SFL. The End.

@SanFranLefty: That’s a great story.

My very minor fooling around included kissing two dudes when I was a 3L. I can’t even remember who the second one was. We were getting back on the bus from our graduation booze cruise, and some dude said, “JNOV! Kiss me!” So, I did. In the aisle. On the bus.

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