Yes, Mr. President, It Is the Public Option All Over Again

A few capitulations ago — honestly, we’ve lost track — the question on the table was whether Obamacare, with three legs lopped off, still had a leg to stand on: Whether the final bill, awful as it was, was still better than the status quo.

Yes, we ultimately — and very unhappily — decided. Although we were likely to be among the uninsured folks screwed over by “reform”, we were convinced by arguments saying the bill would still help millions of Americans. We were willing to take one for the team, as long as the team could still put some points on the board.

The Grand Tax Compromise raises a similar question — although this time, we’ll personally benefit if the appeasement succeeds.

Problem is, many others won’t. Many, many others.

Let’s check back in with Tuesday’s NYT story:

But the tax benefits will flow most heavily to the highest earners, just as the original cuts did when they were passed in 2001 and 2003. At least a quarter of the tax savings will go to the wealthiest 1 percent of the population.

Well, that’s not pleasant. But we knew that going in. So let’s skip ahead:

In fact, the only groups likely to face a tax increase are those near the bottom of the income scale — individuals who make less than $20,000 and families with earnings below $40,000.

Ah. Somehow we manage to earn more than twenty grand — no joke, we’re not sure how we do it — so we’re safe there.

Unlike, say, a mere fifty million of Our Fellow Americans:

The tax deal reached between President Obama and congressional Republicans could mean a higher tax bill for roughly one in three workers as a result of the Social Security tax cut Republicans pushed as a replacement for the current Making Work Pay tax credit…

Of the nation’s roughly 150 million workers, around 50 million make less than $20,000 and will see at least some increase as a result.

In case you missed that detail — somehow it didn’t appear in the NYT article — here, hold up your ear to the monitor:


Yes, this is 2010. Why do you ask?

So let’s set aside the Soak the Rich argument, as fun as it is, and cut to the chase: We cannot in good conscience support a bill that deliberately fucks over those less fortunate than us.

That’s not compromise, Mr. President. That’s surrender.


Plus we have Bernie’s explanation of why the Republicans like the idea of a payroll tax holiday. As the first step in the eventual dismantling of social security. These numbers don’t at all surprise me and we can thank the never ending war on unions. And wages will fall further if the Republicans get their way and abolish the minimum wage. They are asset-stripping the country.

Now see, as a Republican, all of this makes me happy. This is how God wants it and family values and such as. Nothing cheers the soul like knowing that so many of my fellow countrymen (the women don’t count) live in misery. Freedom’s just another word for “I don’t give a fuck.”

T/J. I know, you’re all shocked, whatever.

Anyone got any recommendations about language-learning CDs or courses? (Anyone who tells me to move to Naples/Minsk/Grundarfjordur etc will be reported to the FBI.) eg. Rosetta Stone? Anyone got any fab tips?

Team Obama must have concluded that the poor ones don’t vote in high enough numbers to be concerned about. BTW another mini-capitulation occurred last week when said Team forced EPA to delay announcing some new, life-saving air quality rules because industry got its knickers in a twist. Remember when he said that these decisions would be made based on science, not politics?

At least he’s not advocating poor people be rendered into soap as party favors for billionaire orgies.

Sport TJ: Anyone know what time they’re announcing the Heisman?

Sport TJ 2: Mr. SFL is very upset that the football national championship is called the “Tostitos BCS National Championship” because he can’t get Duck gear that doesn’t have an ad for tortilla chips on it.

@Benedick: The next step in dismantling Social Security is making it means tested. Makes sense, right, why should Warren Buffet get Social Security checks? But once it’s only for the poorz, it can be demonized and taken apart. And then applying to receive it can be as onerous and draining as getting SSI.

@SanFranLefty: 8 PM EST on ESPN.

I’m trying to find the Navy-Army game. Watching some annoying dude skiing in Chile right now.

ETA: Navy-Army kick off in two hours. Blargh.

Wimminz SG cancelled after six skiers damn near break to pieces.

@redmanlaw: Not sure if it’s back on or if I’m watching some old footage. Gonna PM you on FB, ese.


@Catt: We should hang out with the Midshipmen one year.

@Catt: Va’a Niumatolo, the Navy coach’s son. Think he’s still in high school, though…

@Benedick: Nothing shocks me anymore. I’ve eaten with Disney executives, do God’s sake. I’ve seen what a meritocracy produces as its ruling class. And you think you are being satirical.

Despite not giving a shit, I must admit I found the NYT article on Duck football fascinating.

They don’t huddle. They fire off plays as quick as they can. They exhaust the opposition.

It’s football played like basketball. And, much as it pains me to admit it, it sounds like fun.

@nojo: They are a LOT of fun to watch. Plus you get to mock the opposing defenses faking injuries.

@SanFranLefty: I loved that part. Soccer finally hits big in America!

Don’t hope it away
Don’t look at it like it’s forever
Between you and me I really really thought
That things could only get better
And hoped you would say
Let’s kick those Repubs outside
But it wasn’t that long before the Demrats ran
To the place where we knew where they hide

And I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Hope on my hands could be cash spent on you
Shrieking like children, feeling like bummers
Folding while the Cons yell from the rafters
And I guess that’s why they call it the blues

Just stare into space
Picture my head in my hands
Bend for each Repub without hesitation
And always forget you were the man
Hold on Barry
Yell in the night if it helps
But more than ever yell “What the fuck?”
At least you’re not Bush… fuck!

And I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Hope on my hands could be cash spent on you
Shrieking like children, feeling like bummers
Folding while the Cons yell from the rafters
And I guess that’s why they call it the blues

@JNOV: One of these years, Army’s going to win that game. Give you $20 if you tell me when, because I’m stumped.

@chicago bureau: Heh. Remember when the railing broke at the Vet, and all those kids fell out the stands?

Philly: You might die here.

@JNOV: Are they announcing it in five minutes or starting the two hour show in five minutes?

@SanFranLefty: Good question. I don’t have ESPN, so I’m not sure. I’m stuck watching commercials for Chia Pets.

Oh. Wow. There’s some dumbass Eagles cartoon show. This is horrible.

What they hell is this with Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves and a big pink shoe?

@JNOV: No, it’s just the hourlong show starting. It’ll be another 58 minutes. They were making a big deal about Bo Jackson (Auburn, 1985 winner) being there, yet another telegraph of an inevitable Cam Newton win. I was hoping to spot Reggie Bush demanding his Heisman back since Newton wasn’t disqualified.

@SanFranLefty: Right[interrobang] During the Navy-Army half time show, they had all the dudes there. I like LaMichael James. DERP. I am officially cut off.

“God is blessing me and not you other guys! God loves cheaters!”

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