The Best Part of Waking Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, Newt Gingrich and Mrs. Gingrich III.

What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.

[via Sully]

Think of them making sweet sweet love.

So this is the woman he divorced two secretaries and a cancer striken wife for?

I’ll bet that if you lift the flap of silicon “skin” at the base of her skull you’ll find both a USB and an and RJ45 port.

@Benedick: Oh, ick.

She looks like she belongs in a wax museum, in the scary section.

TJ/Wikileaks saga continues… Mastercard cancels wikileaks processing. Now I’m really intrigued with what info his organization has. What kind of info would cause the entire US America Wingnut machine and their bank/robber baron financial puppet masters to freak out?

Probably lead to Superbowl style disappointment, but who knows.

ETA: Visa, too. Okay, it’s official for me, I’m really intrigued as to what Wikileaks has. Now why would they do that (I’m think AMEX and “discover” card) will probably join in the fun. It’s not like Visa or Mastercard would stop processing fees from illegal activities…

That’s why she looks like that. She’s probably hopped up on mega goof balls to keep from screaming at the horror of being mounted by that fat sack of shit.

@DELurker: Imma be on Naaman’s Rd in about a half hour. Don’t know if that’s near you, but feel free to email me JNOV[no space]Jezebel at teh googly mail today or any day.

@ManchuCandidate: Visa is legend in the industry for processing all kinds of black and gray market transactions. By a country mile, for example, Visa is the preferred card syndicate for counterfeit and gray market drug sales over the Web. That may work in WL’s favor until they find out that he’s got internal Visa memos regarding their processing of payments for child porn sites.

After mopping the tears of laughter from my eyes I googled these folks and found that she has her own wiki

Which gives you this bit –

Callista Louise Gingrich (born March 4, 1966) is the President of Gingrich Productions, a performance and production company focused on audio, video, and photographic production.

With that in mind, I am surprised that she let this photo circulate.
JNOV – that would be great but need to work through lunch today.

stepford noge? i’m thinking more clockwork orange.

How much do those sexbots cost, anyway? Do they have Thai models?

@DEL: No worries. Got your email and replied.

TJ/ The Traditional Tribal Court at the Ancestral Home yesterday approved the adoption of the abandoned baby girl I’ve been working on since this summer. I’m told that gruff old Pueblo elders had tears in their eyes and were making googly noises at her. The saved me a pink bubble gum cigar. The Social Services director told me I have a new niece.

She makes Cindy Lou-Hoo McCain look like an all natural granola-crunching, no-shaving, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing hippie in comparison.

@redmanlaw: WHOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!! There is nothing greater than being in court on adoption day! I’m sorry you couldn’t have been there to see it!

@DElurker: Born in 1966???? She’s only 44? I would have put her easily at ten or 20 years older, with some mediocre plastic surgery from Atlanta-area doctors.


Just wow.

Only 44 years old?


’66 was a very good year for some…

@redmanlaw: Excellent. That must be very satisfying.

Looks like we’ve found Cockmongler‘s lost sister… ;)

Also, this.

Looks like they’re remaking I, Claudius.

@al2o3cr: Ha! /b/ Anonymous is about to do some damage because of the WL stuff. The amount of damage all depends on how many crackers wanna play with the script kiddies. I don’t think any hackers are going to join the fun.

@nojo: Oh, and while I no longer whine about embedding, I am gonna whine about WP and their limited offering of HTML options in the comments. Unless I need to use like, old school numbers and shit. Whine. Okay. I’m done.

@JNOV: I’m sure Nojo knows what you’re talking about. I don’t.

@Dodgerblue: Heh. There are certain HTML codes I’ve tried, like to change fonts, color, size, underline, breaks and paragraphs within blockquotes — shit like that. WordPress hates me.

Maybe I’ll get a special dispensation from God if I promise to NEVER EVER embed videos, or it could be the WP only supports certain HTML for dummies codes (not calling anyone here a dummy). Cross my heart, Nojo; I won’t embed….

@JNOV: I likes me a clean conversation. Stupid Commenting Tricks would only distract from the readability of threads.

@nojo: Yeah. I thought about that, too.

I am requesting a new post, please. That woman and her companion are too frightening for daytime.

@nojo: Wait. Stupid Commenting Tricks? You’re going all Letterman on me? Boo! I’d whine if I thought it would do any good. But underlining would be nice. Tabs, too.

@SanFranLefty: I was just talking to a colleague this morning about a negotiating position we might want to take when dealing with the feds on an environmental issue. I mentioned that, unlike Obama’s practice, it’s not a good idea to have your opening position be your bottom line, nor is it a good idea to talk about how much you want to compromise. Instead, you ask for the stars, they offer you dirt, and then the dance begins. And you have to be able to threaten to walk away. I mean, c’mon.

¿sʞɔıɹʇ pıdnʇs uɐǝɯ ɐʎʇʇɐɥʍ

@al2o3cr: Impressive. I would have guessed CSS, but apparently not.

@al2o3cr: Ha! Yeah, I’d go all binary, Morse or Dvorak if I didn’t think someone might bring the ban hammer down on my ass.

ADD: And it would make me easier to ignore. Can’t have that. What about 1337?

@nojo: It’s all in the Unicode, baby.

@JNOV: I 0NC3 WR0TE 4 “WaR3Z” fYLtER, JU57 F0R 7h3 fu|\| 0F |T. !’m a k0Mpl3te |\|3rd, 7h()UgH.

@IanJ: UTF-8, The Typographer’s Friend.

@IanJ: I have much love for teh complete nerdz. 1’d L1K3 7O b3 73H Or191N4L N3rd, bu7 7h@ 717L3 H42 b33n 74K3n. 4m3r1c4N 5pl3NDOr.


The goggles, they do nothing! :)

C’mon, meme party!

@al2o3cr: Yeah, but watch what happens to your puny Unicode if I encode the site in ASCII instead of UTF-8…

@al2o3cr: Mebbe UTF-16 is in order to keep %74%68%65%20%73%74%75%70%69%64%20%63%6f%6d%6d%65%6e%74%65%72%73%20%69%6e%20%6c%69%6e%65%2e

@al2o3cr: \/\/}{Y |)03Z 3\/3.-y7}{1N’ 1N |V|Y L1|=3 }{4\/3 70 83 5|_|(}{ 4 |L1(473|) |)154573.-?

@JNOV: Too nerdy. Next to last word is failing to parse. I get “ilicated,” but that’s it. Missing a k()|V| maybe?

Just ignore us, you normals. We’re having a little nerd-off.

That’s odd. Haven’t seen the NSA in the Apache logs before.

@IanJ: l33tsp33k. I’m cheating cuz I’m too tipsy to try to do it right. I’ll go back to regular 1337.

MY JOETHEPLUMBERBOX ARRIVED! 1mm4 s33 1f 1’m s083R 3N0UgH 70 c0Nn3C7 17 70 MY 4nC13N7 4r71F4C7 Cr7 4nd 71v0. L37’2 74Lk H3x l473R.

@IanJ: “Why does everything in my life have to be such a complicated disaster?”

@IanJ: @JNOV: I think you two need to revisit your definition of “fu|| .” But then again, I once wasted an evening and much brainspace trying to decode Enya lyrics, so what do I know.

Add: Heeeyyy, using the editing window took out my slash and won’t restore it. Tyranny!

@nojo: Not quite Apaches and the NSA but, Apaches led by Cochise, Mangus Coloradus and Geronimo used to cut telegraph wires to hinder Army communications as regards their movements in what are now known as the Gila Mountains of SW New Mexico. I believe the Army then switched over to using Morse code sent via flashing mirrors from mountain tops.

Fun fact: About 40 years later, an Army Expeditionary Force led by Col. John Pershing swept into Mexico just south and east of the Gila in search of Pancho Villa in retaliation for a raid into New Mexico. With Pershing was a young Lt. named George Patton.

As for logs, the Apaches didn’t burn anyone so far as I know, but they used to tie dudes to wagon wheels and roll then down cactus covered hills. I may have mentioned that before here.

Oh, you’ve got to be shitting me. This thing doesn’t have an internal antenna?

@flippin eck: EXACTLY! Will check out the 1337 for “fun.” Enya! :-) Memories…

Seriously. I thought I was going to have TV. This sucks.

@redmanlaw: Congrats. You did good.

My fiancee and I are planning a family with children. As a Republican I feel it is necessary to breed.

What happens if I try to jam a tin foil topped wire coat hanger into a coaxial cable?

@SanFranLefty: 44 my ass. 44 grand for all the surgery, maybe, or maybe that wig is 44 years old, but her? The neck and decolletage are 55 if they are a day. Look at the liver spots on them.

You cannot fool a middle-aged queen on these matters, I assure you.

@JNOV: Bunny and Chip. We’re country club.

terrist fist bump…nice going there reds.

@flippin eck: I once sat down (with a typewriter and a cassette player) and sorted out all the lyrics I could of “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”. Good use of a couple of hours, I thought.

@IanJ: Would LOVE to hear you sing it!

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