An Army Travels On Its Poisoned Stomach

“Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who doubles as President Barack Obama’s point man on Gulf Coast oil spill recovery, is pressing America’s armed services to consume as much Gulf seafood as possible.” [NOLA, via Yahoo]


jumbo shrimp sauteed in bp light sweet crude still beats an mre.

Quite honestly, if I could inspect it before buying, I’d use it … tried to get Gulf shrimp a couple times since the spill, but I’ve only been able to find stuff from, of all places, Indonesia, at Fairway.

“i don’t think there’s a scientist that could give you a definitive answer”
re safety of ingesting oil and oil disbursement chemicals as a side on your fish dinner.
well, eat them anyway. you don’t wanna?
why do you hate america?

The media has mostly deserted the people trying to make a living off of Gulf seafood, so here’s a video from StoryCorps:

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