FAIL Thread

Obama caves in – press conference happening now.

If he can’t win this fight, if he can’t explain why rich people don’t need tax cuts and won’t create jobs if they get them, he can’t explain why we should re-elect him.


he’s pissing all over his base – healthcare was not bad, but the lack of a public option is not just ‘one provision missing’ …

Geeze – first the Jets shit the bed, now this … I am gutted.

Bloggie, give the guy a break on this. I hate it too, but how else was he going to get unemployment reauthorized? He’s dammed if he does and fucked if he doesn’t on this one.

He’s the president, not Santa Claus.

You know what fail is? I’ll tell you what fail is. Fail is not realizing you needed fucking bunny ears before you fucking started drinking and Downstairs Dude (who really, really owes you) isn’t home to drive your drunk ass to the RadioShack (which you hate anyway) and there’s no cab service cuz I dunno why there’s no cab service here and so you’re stuck with a fucking wee box from Wal-Mart a CRT and a TiVo fucking mocking you as you consider walking two miles to the fucking RadioShack b/c you’re not exactly thinking clearly and you’d really like some fucking TV. Obama caved for want of bunny ears.


Um, I need you to unpack that metaphor a bit for me, I’m not quite getting it. Is the Tivo John Boehner or Mitch McConnell?

@Catt: Oh, I was vainly trying to vainly talk about my vain self when more important things are happening. I’m sure I could unpack it in some weird way and tie in some Floyd “for want of the price of tea and a slice…” for an added layer of cryptic weirdness that would make sense to me only. Really, though. I’m about to find a ride to fucking Radio Shack.

@karen marie doesn’t want to know: I’m serious. What was he going to do, veto the whole comprimise? We criticize, but offer no cogent solution, which is a little too close for teabaggery for me.

Look, he’s wrong on prosecuting war criminals, and in the way he goes about expanding the powers of his office, and I’ll criticize him on that. But I see no other way out of this for them right now. It’s a shitty idea and bad for the country, but they were painted into a corner and there was no way to get a win out of it. No way at all, so he might as well hold his nose and get unemployed people some food out of the whole thing.

ADD: And I think it is funny that I changed my handle to dovetail with yours right before we started disagreeing.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: He could have kicked up an unholy row. He could have said what Pelosi did. He might well have lost – benefits had to be extended – but at least he would have put the Republicans on the spot. Instead we get the endless, pointless compromise with no merit. The tax cuts for the rich will cost $900B over the next two years. Money that will have to be borrowed. So I think there’s a lot he could have done instead of concede the 2012 election.


What is the point of a row, though? What would it have done to help move the agenda forward? The only point of power he had on this, finally, was the veto. At that point they would have had him both on the tax cuts AND on unemployment.

It was lose-lose from the start.

Breaking – Elizabeth Edwards has died.

Sure, your argument has merit but only because Obama has been sitting on his thumbs for two years instead of making the case for extending only the middle class tax cuts.

Where the fuck is Obama’s Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis? Is this administration so powerless that they can’t get a cabinet member booked to get their message out?

Mother of fucking god — look what that moron George Bush and Republican majorities were able to accomplish.

@karen marie doesn’t want to know:

He hasn’t exactly been sitting on his thumbs…he’s been picking his legislative battles and seeing what he can get done in an extremely partisan and vituperative environment. That Moron Bush had the benefit of a similarly moronic congressional majority that marched in lockstep with his desires- and incidentally, Bush was not able to pass his crown jewel legislation: Social Security Privatization, even with his slavering minions at his back.

Nobody could ever accuse the herd of cats that is the Democratic party of marching in lockstep. He saved the country’s auto industry, passed some pretty good consumer banking regulations, and was able to get a fucking health care bill through Congress. Maybe not a great health-care bill, but tell that to the ghost of Ted Kennedy, who had been working to get some kind of bill passed for almost 40 years. Yet somehow, Obama is on everybody’s shit list. This includes Katrina Van Den Huevel, who wrote a neat little article today predicting that this administration is about to become a “failed presidency”.

I don’t see it. I get frustrated with his moderate positions as well, but to accuse him of sitting on his thumbs is just plain factually wrong. Not to be harsh, but still.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Not to mention that many Democrats were afraid of criticizing a war president whose ratings topped out at, what, 90 percent in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. The arc of Bush’s successes as president sloped off considerably as his popularity waned, i.e., after Abu Ghraib, Katrina, etc.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Yeah, yeah, I hear you, but he’s been a whole lot less than aggressive about pushing anything, and that’s what chaps my ass.

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