WikiLeaks Cowardice Scorecard

Company Action Cowards? Explanation
Amazon Removed WikiLeaks cables from its “cloud” data service. Yes. Only 612 cables (out of a quarter-million) had been released, and Amazon was hosting the redacted versions already published by the New York Times and other newspapers.
Tableau Software Removed charts illustrating statistical summaries of WikiLeaks cables. Yes. Never hosted the cables themselves.
EveryDNS Removed “” from its free DNS service, which translates domain names to numeric Internet server addresses. No. Attacks on system
threatened entire service.

PayPal Removed WikiLeaks donation account. Yes. WikiLeaks is not a government-identified criminal or terrorist organization, nor otherwise on any Official Shit List.
Twitter None, yet. No, not yet. Just starting to draw attention.
Stay tuned.
U.S. Government Blocking WikiLeaks access from office computers. Yes. Claims cables are still technically “secret”, so government employees — and prospective government employees — shouldn’t peek.

Result: Government employees less informed than late-night comedians.

GoDaddy “Christine Jones, general counsel for, said ‘our default position is to leave it up — that would be the starting point. Then we’d have to have a reason to remove it.'” No, not yet. Hey, GoDaddy provides
our DNS service!

Wonder how long
will work?

Stinque Continues to promote Amazon Kickback Link in face of calls for boycott. Sure, whatever. Publisher doesn’t give a shit.

Where was this outrage before? Leaking not so secret military secrets and graphic videos of Apache gunships gunning down “insurgents” wasn’t enough. Nor is it because the snarky bitchy diplodunk (diplomats) wonk eelights “cables” and gubbiments are being (rightfully) mocked.

I’m thinking it’s because of what the BoA leaks are all about.

As a Republican I find these leaks an outrage against all I hold sacred. I am also feeling much better about myself regarding the coming cave on tax cuts. I’ve been reading Glenn Beck and am impressed by his prescience. Also, Sarah Palin is hot. Rawr.

If the Pentagon Papers came out today, neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post would have gone after the story.

@ManchuCandidate: not gonna lie. I’m not as interested in most of the WikiLeaks stuff as others, but I would read through BoA documents like crazy.

@ManchuCandidate: Ding, ding, ding.
Videos of helicopter pilots laughing as they shoot kids? Meh.
Documented evidence of Ponzi schemes that makes Bernie Madoff look like an average payday lender in Detroit? That’s treason!

Programming Note:
9th Circuit hearing on Prop. 8 will be televised, available on for those stuck in offices. Open thread will be up at 10 am PST, I’m sure our toe-tapping Republican Benedick will want to share his thoughts.

@SanFranLefty: Oh good. I’m gonna follow it on my (ahem) new iPad.

@Benedick: Isn’t she? Almost as sexy as Lucianne Goldberg!

@Dodgerblue: Welcome to the tribe, my friend. Well, this tribe, anyways.

TJ/ I just heard that Dandy Don Meredith died last night. The millions of us who were riveted to ABC for the early years of Monday Night Football knew the attraction wasn’t the football game but what Howard and Danderoo were liable to say at any moment. I’d give anything to hear Howard’s take on Wikileaks. Time to turn out the lights one last time.

@Dave H: Aw, no. One of my favorites for sure. First as a QB for the Cowboys and second as an announcer for MNF. I’ll never forget the great way he played off the guy in the Astrodome who gave the camera the finger. Off to U Toob to find it.

UPDATE: Found the finger; not the comment.

@Dodgerblue: If you have gmail, get the google app – let’s you do mail, reader, etc. all in one place. NYT has a good app, and Netflix if you have it … you can stream on your new toy.

Oh – and Fart Cushion. Very important.

@Dodgerblue: And nojo turned me on to Weather Channel app.

@blogenfreude: thanks. That Weather Channel app really rocks.

FB, for sure, to play scrabble and find out what drunken author you were while waiting in airports. and Stinque, of course.

@Dodgerblue: Pulse News and Flipboard. Trust me on those. And Xcomics, if you are into that whole thing.

@Dodgerblue: GoSkyWatch Planetarium, if it’s still free. Uses your location and viewing angle to identify constellations and such when you hold it up. About as Magical® as it gets.

@Tommmcatt of Avonlea: Silent Creative Partner wants an iPad just for the Marvel app.

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