Quote For The Day: Chuck E-Cheese Edition

“And, you know, they live in this fantasy world where it’s always 1945. America’s always number one… Marc Rubio, who’s the new teabag senator from Florida, the new — the new Bobby Jindal, I think, he made a speech, it was astounding. And this is not uncommon for a Republican to talk about this at the CPAC Convention. He said this is the only country in the world where an idea that started out as an idea on a cocktail napkin could wind up being traded on the stock exchange. No, other countries have napkins and stock exchanges. But you see, this is their room full of balls at Chuck E. Cheese. Their fantasy world they live in.”

Bill Maher, on Fareed Zacharia’s GPS (12/5/2010). 


Why do you hate America? (Wow! This thing is so workin’ for me)

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