Twelve Pounds of Shit

… in a ten pound bag:

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I meant what I said – he might be the Republican who did the most damage, shutting down the press when we needed them most.


I’m not sure he did the most damage. How about Colin Powell at the UN? Ari didn’t shut down the press as much as the press rolled over to have its tummy scratched. Not Excusing Ari. He’s a douchebag supreme, but it took a lot of moving parts to fuck this shit up.

JNOV, absolutely. You’d expect this mendacious piece of shit to fucking lie, send millions to their deaths and ask when dinner will be served. Powell could have done the right goddamn thing and pointed to the right goddamn reasons and pulled them straight from experience – namely Gulf War I in which the Americans decided it would have created endless chaos to remove Hussein. So many people accepted their role as accomplices to this crime against humanity and refused to do the right thing but none was more disappointing than Powell.

America will have no meaning until Fleicher, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Tenet, Powell and all their co-conspirators are led to the same gallows that took the twisted lives of those other advocates of pre-emptive war, the fucking Nazis. DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE, YOU FUCKING MONSTERS, FUCKING DIE!

@FlyingChainSaw: I have said this a few times – the ‘swing vote’ in 2000 was Sandra Day O’Connor. She was supposed to be the adult on the Supreme Court. Any sentient being could have predicted (and I did) that W would wind up killing lots of people. And I blame Sandy – her vote could have saved a lot of lives. And, of course, no one calls her on it.

@blogenfreude: If we’re singling anybody out for 2000, I’ll start with Al Gore.

@FlyingChainSaw: THANK YOU! And Colin, more than anyone, understands the definition and the consequences of “dereliction of duty.” In the ’90s, I read his autobiography, and I thought, “This isn’t such a bad guy,” and I was pleased that he was part of Shrub’s Cabinet. And, then, well, it all turned to shit. I tried to give him a pass by thinking that he was hoodwinked, but no one with his intellect and level of expertise should have fucked up like he did or should have allowed himself to be a war monger’s pawn. I’d spit on him, but right now I’m trapped in my snow jacket as the zipper seems hopelessly snagged, and I’m drunk and overheating. Time to fumble with the zipper and hopefully not trip over a cat in the process of extricating myself from this cold-weather straight jacket.

@nojo: THANK YOU! And it was a dick move to not recount the whole state of Florida rather than just the D counties. Too stupid to govern, that guy.

@blogenfreude: Well, Sandra has often stated her psychoconservative views and no one was surprised when she voted for full-bore militatant fascism and handed the presidency to Hitler’s banker’s fucking grandson.

@nojo: If it had been Howard Dean, he would have fought to the end. But SandyBaby put GoreBore in that position. So many dead because no one would stand up to an ignorant, fetal-alcohol-syndrome son of the privileged. I truly believe that most of the damage he’s done has yet to manifest itself.

all the way with nojo, bloggie…powell, that sackless peice of shit, is more culpable than the rest of that goon squad.
yes JNOV, al folded like a godamn bad poker hand. that was our better choice?

i mixed up who i directed responses to, you know how it is…

@blogenfreude: I feel at this point as if I must confess a sin. I was sitting behind her at an event celebrating the AZ constitutional convention centennial. I said nothing to her, despite wanting to bitch to her about that case (and her ridiculous make-up) and to her former clerk/AZ Supreme Court CJ who introduces her all the time with the same stupid “Lazy B” ranching story from her childhood. I think I kept quiet 1) out of respect for my friend who edits the Bar mag and was sitting next to me; 2) I still need to work in this town, and; 3) another ex-justice was sitting in front of me and, despite the fact he’s in a wheelchair, he scares the shit outta me.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Neenja could have keeled her with thee mind.

@blogenfreude: That’s why The Powers that Be kept the man down and gave us Kerry instead.

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