My Mother the Bitch

Title: “Millie’s Book”

Authors: Barbara Bush & Millie Bush

Rank: 166,729 (#27 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > People, A-Z > ( B ) > Bush, George)

Blurb: “The Bush’s dog, Millie, describes a day in the life of George Herbert Walker Bush and family, discussing morning briefings, deliberations in the Oval Office, and short breaks for squirrel hunting.”

Review: “I’m Millie’s son, Ranger. I think that ‘Millie’s Book’ is truthful, and beautifully written. My mother had incredible courage to write this book and I’m very proud of her.”

Customers Also Bought: “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: The Complete Second Season”

Footnote: Speaking of Amazon’s Long Tail… Okay, no, we won’t go there. But between the Fetus Jar and Talibunny calling Babs a Blue Blood, we just got curious. For the record, Millie ascended to Doggie Heaven in 1997, while Ranger made a quick exit in 1993.

Millie’s Book [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


This is Peggy Noonan’s favorite book.

Publisher had to remove the chapter where Babs feasted on Millie’s other puppies.

Now playing in the sandbox: Two hawt guys arguing over creative solutions to complex problems.

@Dodgerblue: Time zones: The price you pay for living in Paradise. 32º here, BTW.

Meanwhile… Hey, SFL: talk Stanford wimmin to me. Who’s the power for Lady Tree as they face the Domers for soccerball supremacy?

My opinion of that horrible woman was cemented by this.

@Benedick: How’s that GOP thing working out? Found a new gravatar meself – worse than the last one!

So long as we are doing the whole ironic GOP avatar thing, I give you: Bob LaFollette.

Let’s try this again. Go Go Gadget Fighting Bob!

[ADD: Dammit! Didn’t work.]

@chicago bureau: It’s showing up here. Sometimes there’s a lag, depending on your browser cache.

@blogenfreude: Just one of those turn-of-the-century Republicans that current GOPers don’t talk about in polite company. Patron saint of Wisconsin progressives like, say, Russ Feingold. Progressive reformer, anti-trust, voted against entry into World War I.

@chicago bureau: So today he’d be marginalized like, say, Kucinich? Wonder if he had a hot wife with a tongue stud …

@blogenfreude: Battle Bob LaFollette. One of my polisci profs lurved him to death.

ADD: Okay, “Fighting Bob”. Never trust generation-old memory.

@nojo: I dimly remember hearing about him, but … getting older sucks. Today, some Republicans pretend to have principles (Lugar, Hagel, and similar) but only voted against Bush when it was clear he would get what he wanted. They are damnably to be blamed.

Oh! You guys are KILLING ME! BRB.

Top THIS, mutherfuckas!

In the unlikely event that you can, N.B. I’ve got another one on standby.

@chicago bureau: Cristen Press is one of the main stars and their GK Kira Maker, but they couldn’t get it together. The damn Domers beat The Tree for the soccer national championship, 1-nil! First and only loss of their season.

@SanFranLefty: Shoulda been 4-o. Keeper stood up huge at spots. The back line for Tree, though. Could have been better, to be honest.

I have one thing to say to all you haterz. My guys may be a bunch of morally bankrupt profiteering war criminals. But at least they’re not Democrats.

BTW. The OH is in the attic like the first Mrs. Rochester. Phyllis says hi.

@JNOV: I see whomever that is, and raise you The Dark Lord. Don’t make me whip out a Cheney.

@chicago bureau: We don’t have the super duper cable package so I didn’t see the game. Followed it on the tubez instead.

@blogenfreude: It’s Joe McCarthy, and I think you’d have to go Cheney to beat that.

@blogenfreude: Whomever that is? ACK! Hint: he didn’t write the dissent.

HELL YEAH! I’ve got FOUR lined up. If anyone can follow my train of thought (yeah, I know), some of you might beat me to two or three of them, but I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other is giving the one-finger salute.

@Mistress Cynica: Oh, I wish I’d thought of him, but it’s not McCarthy.

@blogenfreude: Looks like Jesse to me. And this is one of the odder themes we’ve managed.

@blogenfreude: Okay, but let me change it first — the gravatar lag should work in our favor.

@nojo: Heh.

@blogenfreude: Henry Billings Brown (Plessy). Appointed by Grant, but I’m not positive that he was a Republican. Maybe a Dixiecrat. I think we should open the contest to all douchebags regardless of political affiliation.

You’ll get the next one easily.

@nojo: Well, no one wants to play on the porn posts anymore, so we’ve sunk to this level.

Wait. Shouldn’t Vox Stinque include the Heat Miser? I vote for The Year Without a Santa Claus. (Not like my votes ever win shit around here.)


@nojo: I feel more complete as a Republican. To say nothing of the tingles in my pants.

@Benedick: The tingles in your pants are from the PCBs your party helped GE dump into the Hudson.
@JNOV: and no – I don’t know your latest gravatar. However, I will shortly change my gravatar to a Republican so destructive, so evil, so dishonest at his core, that this little contest will be ended. You have brought a knife, but I have a tactical nuke. Prepare to die.

Could be worse… Boston fans are crying right now because they EXPECTED to land Werth and Victory Martinez and John Buck (Plan B) and Adrian Gonzalez.

@blogenfreude: Tawwwwneee (Taney) Dred Scott

@ManchuCandidate: Man, Philly rides The Short Bus when it comes to trades and picks. I mean, can’t play worth a damn? Welcome Manute Bol (RIP). Nice guy, shitty player.

Sure, he spat on fans, but Charles Barkley to the Suns? Bastards!

And who was that dude we gave up sweet draft picks for? The one with the bad knees that never played? Ugh.

Here’s the thing about the Nats: They’re paying Werth $126M over, what, seven years? Does that bring them close to the luxury tax if they’re trying to build a team? And they’re in our fucking division! Jayson is gonna have some issues when he comes back to town.

You guys did get some tall bearded redheaded Mormon named Roy who pitched two no hitters from a team in Canada City.

@ManchuCandidate: I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t know he had the Mo, but I like his arm.

@ManchuCandidate: BTW, broke the Werth news at the beer store just now (I was in dire need and now one sheet to the wind), and we’re all drinking tonight. Especially the laydees. Damn. Jayson knows we’re gonna fuck him up. We should have just ponied up the cash. Cheap bastards.

@ManchuCandidate: And then we’ve got the Shawn Bradley fiasco.

(Still hunting for bad knees never played dude.)

@JNOV: I can’t beat ghosts, so I win – I think we should keep this to post WWII fucktards. And Ari? You can’t beat him, ever.

@blogenfreude: Wait. What? You certainly do not win. There are no rules when it comes to US historic douchebaggery. Let’s agree to keep it in the US, and my new avatar should be loading shortly. After I finish this beer and open another and pour some out for the homies Phillies, you’ll see the face of true evil.

I clued my neighbors in, and they’re drinking now. This is a night of mourning for the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Jayson! Jayson! Why have you abandoned us you asshole?

Okay — of to play with trending #rappersthatmightbehomeless — one of my brothers might qualify. Well, he does the desktop publishing for them, but, whatever. He could use the press.

@blogenfreude: Funny you should bring up ghosts. The last time I checked, Lee Atwater was dead as a doornail. Okay, maybe he’s looking more like a zombie, but, you know.

I know this is a day late, no idea how short – Where Atwater got some of his technique, especially some of the shit he dumped on Dukakis

T.White described 2 branches of the Repug party in the making of the pres 1960 book. One was the weed and one was the people. The weed side was Goldie and his ilk, the people side were the northeast progressives. To me it is amazing that any of the progs are still are around.

JNOV- re Werth, shoulda traded Shane for picks and or pitchers. It would have freed up $$$ to sign Werth. Like the Troegs avatar.

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