PayPal Cancels WikiLeaks Account

Today, in Operation Clusterfuck Response to WikiLeaks, PayPal has permanently suspended the organization’s account. Per the Gray Lady:

As the release of hundreds of thousands of United States diplomatic cables brings more attention to WikiLeaks, commercial entities on the Internet have come under increased scrutiny for their business relationships with the organization.

Meanwhile, read The Economist’s Democracy in America columnist’s take on the brouhaha.

UPDATE: The Swiss are refusing to bend to U.S. and French pressure to knock off the tubez.  Cue up your Sound of Music soundtrack.


Owned by eBay, by the way.

And a follow-up on Amazon: If I understand this correctly, they never hosted the cables themselves, but an index to the cables. Amazon’s still within its rights to host whatever it sees fit, but golly, that’s craven.

@nojo: The promised dump of Wall Street docs has the corporate overlords shitting their pants.

@SanFranLefty: Chainsaw, too. The rumored target is BofA.

@nojo: I don’t know how much stock to put in anything that comes out of Assange’s mouth, but he implied that using Amazon was a way to shine a light on how information is suppressed and that they barely used the site.

/off to buy converter box/

@JNOV: @nojo: I love the smell of litigation in the morning …

@JNOV: I’ll file that under Clever Spin.

Meanwhile, here’s what I don’t get: Why all the fuss over diplomatic cables? Did they get a pass over the war documents?

@nojo: Diplomatic cables = news gleaned at cocktail parties. There’s your answer.

@nojo: It’s not the diplomatic cables, or the myriad other docs they’ve been given over the past 3 years, it’s what’s coming next.

Re the update: Domain-chasing is kind of pointless, since it’s the IP address that drives the Internet — domain names are a convenience for humans. WikiLeaks can (and has) publicize the numbers instead.

There’s some backstory (I think) that the WikiGeeks left in a huff a few months back. If I were on the crew, I’d advise buying every country-based domain name on the planet. .ch no longer works? Here, have a .ru!

@SanFranLefty: Perhaps it has something to do with who ever thought that Spiderman the Musical was a good idea.

@nojo: They’ve got mirrors that used get you into the old site. Now they just redirect you to the Money PLEASE site, if it’s up.

And, yeah — some left in September because they thought Assange was an ass and dumped too many documents before they could be redacted. I wrote a long comment about the brouhaha, but I can’t find it.

Somewhat vaguely thematically related, I’m watching The Shining for the first time since it came out. (Thanks, Netflix streaming!) I remember what I liked about it at the time — the Big Wheel steadicam/sound, the axe swinging, the general spookiness, Scatman Crothers — but I didn’t realize before how blatantly Kubrick telegraphed the whole damn thing.

I mean, blatantly. Like Indian Burial Ground blatantly.

There must be a thematic reason I didn’t know to look for at the time. But we’re barely one blood-filled hallway in, so I’ll have to be patient.

@nojo: Pet Semetery Indian Burial Ground like?

@SanFranLefty: Yah. I’m not a fan of Assange the guy.

@JNOV: Poltergeist Indian Burial Ground like. Over-the-top horror-movie cliche like.

Stephen King famously hated the adaptation. I’m not a fan of the book, myself. Kubrick greatly improved upon a flawed source.

But Kubrick doesn’t give a shit about making a horror movie. And so I’m wondering now what I didn’t think to wonder thirty years ago, because I was having too much fun: What the fuck is he up to?

What I’m saying is, The Shining is camp. Imagine Kubrick directing Airplane. Or better yet, imagine Kubrick directing Airport.

@nojo: He did something similar with Spartacus and hinted at it with the mad CIA/Russian scientists etc in A Space Odyssey. He had a very sly sense of humor that often seemed to surface as camp genre references.

@nojo: And Amityville Horror like. Scatman was a nice touch. I haven’t seen The Shining since I was a kid. It might be worth another look.

Pet Semetery had some good spots. I think they switched it up some (ha!) and used an ancient Indian ceremonial area rather than a graveyard. The aerial view of the whateveritwas was pretty cool. It was nice to see Herman Munster get some work.

I read King’s books until my 20s, defected to Grisham and Clancy for a nanosecond (loved all the Jane’s lingo), and then I got truly bored. I read the first three Dark Tower books — I think he stopped writing them because he had writers block, or maybe that was when he was hit by a van. I really like King’s Insomnia; it’s probably my favorite. I was disappointed when I saw the movie of the same name that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the novel.

@Benedick: I’m waiting for the chance to stand up in court and say “I am Spartacus.”

@Dodgerblue: Why wait? Just do it! On camera. Then I’ll say, “I am Trumbo.”

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