Don We Now Our Gay Obsession

We think WorldNetDaily has something personally important to reveal to us, but we can’t for the life of us imagine what.

Are Americans playing around with the end of civilization? [WND]

Isn’t it about time WND comes out of its (ample sized) closet?

Heh… Whistle Blower.

Funny how they cite the Roman Empire as an example – most historians don’t put a lot of emphasis on “moral decay” either way, but the classic history by Gibbon points the finger the other way; the rise of radical religious sects may have encouraged citizens to ignore civic duties in favor of aiming for Heaven. There’s also the hard-to-measure effect of some of Paul’s writings (notably 1 Corinthians 7) on population growth – after all, it’s hard to maintain a massive military and empire if the birthrate has dropped.

Finally, there’s the issue of doctrinal obsession causing political strife – particularly in the later era, where a split between Constantinople and the Egyptian/Syrain Christians made it harder to effectively respond to Saracen incursions. Not that people like WND would have ANY ideas about how excessive focus on “moral issues” might cause an inability to focus on real issues in politics…

@al2o3cr: Also the whole burning of Rome issue that was then blamed on Nero.

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