National Opt-Out Day Peters Out

“As the morning drew to a close, though, major airports were humming along normally, and most travelers seemed more interested in getting to their destinations than in making a political statement.” [NYT, via Yahoo]


Plus the fear of being eaten alive by angry mobs of passengers late for their planes.

One of my friends flying with her daughter from ABQ to LAX was not groped. “Perhaps because I looked too eager,” she wrote on FB.

Haven’t experienced this myself yet, but you know me, I’m gonna be looking for the remotely hottest TSA agent when I opt-out.

And of course the stud I flirt with will not be the one to grope me. It will no doubt be a pasty-faced obese macaroni-faced replicant.

The media reports of “Anything is fine to keep me safe” leave me breathless. GG is right, wave the word “Terrorism” in front of the populace, and hey anything goes. Torture, detention without representation, lead-laced hamburger buns from China, warrantless wiretapping, whatever.

I’m not above someone touching my junk, but if I had the childrens I’d be seriously pissed off by now and canceling all travel plans involving air.

And to mention, why the fuck are we so focused on the aeroplanes?

Now that the cockpits are secured, the planes can’t be used as weapons. Unless the crew is in on it…

But I feel perfectly safe entering a stadium for the latest football game / dinosaur rock band reunion tour / political rally. I feel safe because I went through a simple metal detector.

These Terrorists seem to lurk behind every corner. It really does make sense to orient our entire Empire and all of its resources around something that kills people about ten times less than lightning strikes.

In response to the Terrorist Threat, Which is Like the Weather, Ever-Present and Unpredictable:

Bend / break the rule of law?
OK, sometimes you have to just GET THE BAD GUYS.

Suspend the Bill of Rights?
Well, OK, as long as it makes us Safer.

Torture, Indefinite Detention, Endless War, Warrant-less Wiretapping, Robotic Assassination of US American Citizens Without Due Process?
Well, OK, if you insist, but only because Safety Comes First.

TSA Agents dousing you with radiation and sharing porno-scans of you on their Facebook pages, and/or groping your CHILDRENS?
Don’t know why people’s complainin’, this is just to make us SAFE.

After all, the number one priority of Great Leader is to MAKE US SAFE. Never-ke-mind that pesky oath he swore, something about the Constitution?

@PedonatorUSA: Never-ke-mind that pesky oath he swore, something about the Constitution?

They fucked it up on purpose. The replay didn’t count.

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