Kenyan Usurper Consigns Innocent Wattle-Americans to Cruel Fate

Two pardoned, two refused: “Two turkeys that ‘didn’t quite make the cut’ were delivered to Martha’s Table, a local nonprofit organization that serves homeless children and their families, the president said.” [CNN]


This in from CNN:
— Texas jury convicts former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in political money-laundering case.

It appears that the two birds weren’t the only turkeys who failed to be set free.

@texrednface: Just hope this sticks. And won’t be surprised if it does. I often wonder how expendable these politicians imagine they are.

Little imps chasing after the campaign finance, perpetually, thinking they are integral when all along their paymasters are playing the Long Game.

I think the rule is, if you don’t get a cushy lobbyist job after your term, you can pretty much suck it up and join the middle class, or what’s left of it.

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