Verdict: Hollywood E-leets Hate Trig

The votes have been cast, the results are in, and your television just lost its last reason for existing. If there were a plug on your TV similar to the plug in your bathtub that could be pulled to drain out all the glamour and gooodness in life, then that plug would have been unceremoniously pulled last night when teen pregnancy advocate Bristol Plain was finally voted off the most important talent show in America: Dancing With The Stars. Despite being the best bad dancer in the nation who gets better with every show (but is still, on the whole, bad) a nefarious cabal of un-elected judges pushed Bristol aside and instead took it upon themselves to hand the prize over to Jennifer Grey, a Hollywood insider whose only redeeming virtue is that she’s a talented dancer. The star-chamber judges clearly did this because they hate Bristol’s mother Sarah, for not aborting her son Trig when she had the chance. Readers will recall that Palin instead rushed back to Alaska on a 3 hour flight from Texas as soon as her water broke and there was a danger that the child might suffer the indignity of being born in the “lower 48” –thus making him an “untouchable” according to Alaskan Separatist Party lore. At any rate, if you’re still with me this far: Gawker has video evidence of Bristol losing (which I can’t see at work because it’s blocked, but which I’m sure is awesome heartrending).


Maybe in the past, I would think that no one would be this stupid… After 5 years of internet “commenting” on politics blogs, I know better.

Girl famous for having a Baby, meet Girl famous for being called Baby.

So now this young “celebrity” who in her life has contributed exactly nothing to our society returns home to Wasilla and lives out her years in the anonymity she so richly deserves, right? HA, HA, HA, HA!!! Sorry, I have to laugh or the insanity of it all becomes too much. Bristol Palin makes Paris Hilton look like a workaholic role model.

Too bad Jennifer Grey is stuck on that show. She’s a talented woman. But at least Bristol’s partner got health and pension contributions. I thought he did as well by her as possible given the whole boom-chicka-chika style of the show. Hilarious to see such unreconstructed show-boy dancing still being done – when in doubt, bevel. A skill that no one seemed to be able to teach Ms Palin.

Coincidentally, I was watching as much as I could of the movie version of Nine last night. Struck me as being a mega-million version of DWTS. Perfectly dreadful performances of god-awful songs slicked up by some of the top tech talents in the world. Distressing to see so many beautiful women dressed like whores being made to do vulgar and senseless things by gay men (see pic above for evidence). Poor Penelope Cruz – who was not a whole lot better than Bristol, apart from experience and more rehearsal time, camera work and retakes. Oh, and having been trained as a dancer.

And there was of course Daniel Day Lewis. Sigh.

My favorite part was where the female host says to Bristol, “It’s been a pleasure watching you grow,” as the camera pans in to Jabba the Hut’s Bristol’s double chin.

Has there been anyone else that finished DWTS fatter than when they started?

where is the evidence that sarah palin was in texas allegedly pregnant and allegedly flew back to alaska before the latest palin clown crawled out of her clown car? i still do not believe and will not believe she is triggs mom until i see pictures and/or more concrete proof. sorry for the buzzkill.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: It’s a first. And since rehearsing tends to work off the pounds the gains she made represent a serious commitment to pizza.

@Benedick: I have taken to eating a lot of hummus, fruits and veggies. Where’s the pepperoni pizza? Where is the goofball my wife married?

A better wit that I said “they should have billed it as “Baby vs. the baby momma.”

T/J for RML: Santa Fe County Sheriff resigns, admits embezzlement???

@Dodgerblue: Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano has resigned after he admitted using his office to sell old protective body vests and other supplies no longer utilized by deputies.

Ironic, because he had taken the lead in investigating other county officials for corruption.

Breaking Crazee: is it something in the WATER in MN-06?

In short: local Rethug legislator gets spotted in an alley next to Planned Parenthood, armed, with binoculars / map / moar ammo in his truck. Claims that he was “checking up” on his online girlfriend, but can’t remember her name, any contact info or even WHAT SITE he supposedly met her on. Turned loose. For bonus points, represents a state legislative district that’s a chunk of Bachmann’s turf.

@al2o3cr: Shit, I carry maps, binos, ammo and pack heat when I go out to the hills or forest to cut firewood. I wear the Glock 19 in a belt holster even though I have a concealed carry permit for it. Different context then showing up at the Planned Parenthood clinic, however.

Going out to the range for Black Friday, btw.


True. The stuff was a side-note, the Planned Parenthood thing was a little weird, and then the weak-ass lies the dude deployed when questioned were *really* weird. Most people wouldn’t fall back on the “no, I’m not trying to do anything illegal, I’m just a psycho internet stalker” defense, methinks…

@al2o3cr: I have a special portfolio I carry to court so I won’t accidentally take the tactical flashlight, folding knife, Iraq-tested Gerber multi-tool from a veteran buddy* and tear gas I keep in my brief case. I carry that stuff when I go out after dark or on the local walking trails.

*BTW, his very-non macho teenage son just came out to my friend and his wife this week. They are coming for Thanksgiving with their new baby. Not sure if Junior is coming also. My friend, a car loving blue collar Mexican dude, is freaked out at the physical aspect of his son’s identity. Overlooked is the emotional part of who he can love. Probably should not let him get too hammered when they stay over on Thursday.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: I also pondered why Bristol didn’t lose weight. …didn’t she and Levi re-break up at the end of August, like say 3.5 -4 months ago? Just looking at possible reasons.

I gave “like a big middle finger” to her Mom and to Bristol by voting three times for Jennifer and Derek.

Breaking, Developing Hard: Santa Fe Catholic church youth group leader arrested for criminal sexual penetration . . .

@redmanlaw: Man, it’s Weird News Day in your town today.

@Dodgerblue: Then there’s the guy on shrooms who said God gave him permission to run from the cops . . .

@redmanlaw: It seems to be difficult for many people to grasp the idea that being gay isn’t about sex. It’s about how you relate to the world and to other people. Not to get too pompous but your friend might look upon the fact that his son felt able to tell him as an indicator of how much he trusts and loves him. A lot of kids still take off for NYC or some other city and spend the rest of their lives hiding. This does not generally lead to happy, fulfilling lives. On a more practical note, my mother was greatly helped by the people at GLSEN. They’re bound to have a local chapter where you are. He could do worse than give them a call.

@Benedick: I will pass that on in the inevitable guy to guy talk by the fire tomorrow night. Thanks.

@redmanlaw: Just let him know it’s not a death sentence. Nor does it mean he’ll be wearing a dress at next year’s Pride march. With any luck his life will be just as boring as ours. But you know what to do, being a championship father-figure yourself.

@Benedick: Benedick, your wise counsel always puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. Seriously.


Breaking – Tom DeLay convicted in Texas on money laundering charges . . .

@Benedick: That really was heart warming and I appreciate it very much.

@redmanlaw: I’d like to see him and a few others of his ilk breaking rocks in the hot sun.

“Good” for Tom.

I know he’s not giving thanks for his defense team.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay – once one of the most powerful and feared Republicans in Congress – was convicted Wednesday on charges he illegally funneled corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002.

Jurors deliberated for 19 hours before returning guilty verdicts against DeLay on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He faces up to life in prison on the money laundering charge.

@Dodgerblue: Hard time for The Hammer!

The thing that is so soul-crushing about the whole Palin phenomenon, Sarah, and this with Bristol, is that it just completely crushes any hope that simply being smart and competent and diligent and talented, will bring rewards, success, it simply negates the entire premise that our society rewards the traditional virtues that we were taught to aspire to.

Whats the fucking use of trying, acheiving, attempting and occasionally achieving excellence, when you see stupidity, dishonesty, talentless nasty shitheads, making a mockery of all your efforts to be honest and fucking competent?

I’m so serious, I feel like an asshole, a naive idiot, for thinking that honesty and diligence and competence counted for anything.

Why did I even waste so much of my soul and my life, trying to play by the rules, when the rules are just a fairy tale, a fucking con, that the rich and powerful use as a means to defraud the best and brightest into wasting their life’s efforts on simply perpetuating the hegemony of the oligarchy, they need their Smithers, thats the best they will let us be, if we play their game, their Smithers.

@pinkoscum: Now I’m blushing. That doesn’t happen often.

@Promnight: My dear, the world was ever thus. If I wasn’t about to climb the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire I’d look up Shakespeare’s sonnet on the subject (proud man’s contumely) in which he gives serious thought to checking out – a subject dear to His heart, see Hamlet et al – but decides not to as he would be leaving his love alone. We all have to make our own way and have our own standards. Because the Palins are what they are doesn’t mean that we are less or that our standards are unrealistic or somehow futile. It seems to me that the challenge is to understand that and to not give in to despair or bitterness. And not to let the bastards get you down.

On this subject, we’ve been watching the superb British political comedy Yes, Minister which is on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it I beg you check it out. It’s perhaps the best written sitcom they ever produced and certainly one of the best acted. It is as hilarious as it is shocking.

@Promnight: Personal integrity?

Live your life as you see fit. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

@Benedick: Benedick, I often think this despair is the side effect of a culture that makes simply surviving too easy. When simply remaining alive is a struggle, which has been the lot of most humans ever born through history, in all socities, simply surviving is achievement enough to satisfy the soul. I do know that my whining is the whining of the spoiled, life is so easy to just survive, in our society, that now, we search for something more, and seek fame, money, beautiful women, whatever, things that will never satisfy as much as simply surviving does, when life is harder. I know, I have nothing to cry about, as unjust as our society is, it allows me the luxury of even being able to conceive of wanting more than mere survival.
And yet, this knowledge does not comfort me, it just makes me feel guilty and ungrateful, on top of feeling unsatisfied and outraged at what I perceive as the injustice of life.

I’m just a mess.

@Promnight: If your soul wasn’t completely crushed and annihilated during 10 years of Geo. Bush (longer for us in Texas), then you are resilient enough to bear up to the current madness. Think of her as a beanie-baby or cabbage-patch doll. This will pass (fingers crossed).

Oh, third place! God bless America!

@nojo: Nojo, you are one of the wisest people I have ever known. But I think you undervalue the need for an individual to feel part of a social group, a tribe, at least, a group of peers who do share your values, with whom you can count on mutuality of shared reciprocal obligation. Thats whats painful, see, I am proud to adhere to my values, as an individual, but I despair that I don’t live within a social group that shares those values,. and which, through sharing those values, can foster selfless cooperation for the better good of all.
Your sentiment is too close to just saying “Go Galt” for comfort.

@Promnight: More like “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.”

@Promnight: You really do have to accept who you are, live your life as you see fit, and let the chips fall where they may.

This will have consequences, of course. Maybe the life that works for you doesn’t fit into a popular category. Maybe you’ll find yourself in the wrong country, or the wrong century, or on the wrong planet. Maybe you’ll end up making some things harder for yourself than if you chose a more conventional path.

Heck, maybe on occasion you’ll even sound like Ayn Rand.

But the conventional path has consequences, too — especially if it doesn’t suit you. Around 25 or so, one of my mantras was This is Not My Beautiful Life. I didn’t want to follow a path because I thought I “should,” only to end up hating myself at 40.

My life wouldn’t work for most folks. But it works great for me. It works because at every significant turn, I’ve been true to myself. Even when — or especially when — I had absolutely no confidence how, or whether, things would work out.

But they always did. Serendipity, like luck, improves with practice.

@Promnight: Can I be the first here to say happy birthday, darling Prommy!

And I will dust off an essay that you wrote here that I basically repeated verbatim as a speech to impressionable law students that made half of them burst into tears. Granted I added Tolstoy and Dostoyevskey quotes….but still it was all you.

Seriously, happy birthday Prom.

Happy birthday, Prom. Lang may yer lum reek.

Dear All, to help celebrate this beloved Holiday. Here’s a little item on the bevel, a life-skill that comes in useful at all kinds of unexpected moments. In the headline the Times has it wrong (shock, I know). It should more properly be expressed thusly:

Jump, kick, ball-change, ball-change, bevel, bevel, bevel!

‘Ball-change’, is written as one step and not two since it is not a step done in singletons, and three bevels just because. To see The Bevel in its purest expression one should see it executed by a man. If possible a male dancer teaching a woman how to look more girly. The Bevel elongates the leg and gives the ankle a more elegant appearance. To try for yourself, put on your highest heels and stand with feet a few inches apart, now break one knee allowing the foot to follow. It will roll onto the inside, the big toe, edge and move slightly forward. This is the basic bevel. It can be developed with arms flung upwards as one sinks deeper into a plié for the Showgirl Bevel; hands on hips, one shoulder leading, for the Chorus Line Bevel; or with one arm extended, the other hand at the breast (broken wrist, please), for the Mitzi Gaynor Bevel, etc, to meet most of life’s crises. It is one of the foundational moves of the American Musical Theatre and as I type, squadrons of ex-chorus boys are teaching Chinese women how to achieve it. These days it is often greeted States side with derision by the more jaded members of the ensemble who, while watching a run-through from the comparative safety of a darkened theatre, will hoot ‘Bevel, bevel, bevel!’ whenever it makes an appearance.

Next week’s lesson: How To Belt to A flat.

Hey, I just looked back, thanks to you all for the happy B-day wishes. And Nojo, your last comment, your response to what I said to you, did really hit me, I understand now, I got what you said earlier wrong, and I see now and understand, thank you for having the kindness to explain and help me see, rather than be angry at my misunderstanding. Really, thanks, Nojo.

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