We Will Bury You

This would be a lot more amusing to civilians if The Management didn’t insist on maintaining Plausible Deniability.


It’s too bad nobody in the MSM is willing to pin the little puke down on how exactly he’s suggesting to cut total federal spending by 40%. Given that SS isn’t on the table (it’s paid for by a completely separate tax, no matter what the RW fucktards scream) and neither is most of Medicare (same deal), that would require basically shutting down the whole federal civil bureaucracy and most of the military. “Constitutional scholar” my ass.

Someone should push this fuckwad down the nearest flight of stairs. God, I hate Mike Lee. I hate everything about him. His little squinty eyes, his dumb ass name, it’s a totality of tripe.

I think I need to recruit a new, um, columnist. Sideways winky-winky posts just aren’t gonna work for the next six years.

@nojo: I’ll type things for you!!! What sort of things should I type about? Can I make up words?

@Tommmcatt: Sex God or AVATAR OF SEX?!?!?! You be the judge…: Now there’s a thought: We Are All Mike Lee.

Kind of like everybody playing Dylan.

I’ll need to stew on this a bit. Definitely a new byline, that much is certain. This is too great an opportunity to hide behind.

@nojo: I’ll play the Mike Lee-as-George Kalogerokis (sp?) part. The Middle Years, as it were.

I’ll play the Golden Years Mike Lee who becomes revitalized during a sudden, unexpected and intense affair with Gaby Reese’s younger sister.

@nojo: It’s all funny till there’s spaghetti sauce down the front of your pants.

@nojo: what was the title of the dylan flick? I’m not there? That had to be one of the shittiest movies ever made. I have every movie channel on direct tv and force myself to give most movies second and third chances even when they don’t deserve it. but that one fucking sucks.

@jwmcsame: I liked everything except the Richard Gere dream sequence shite. Was that supposed to be the Rolling Thunder period? /Loved/ the young Woody Guthrie.

@Nabisco: maybe i’ll give it one more chance. Three movies I normally wouldn’t watch but did because everything else on TV sucked at the time (imagine that) are An American Affair, My One and Only, and The Notorious Bettie Page. All were fantastic. Anybody else catch any of the 3?

On another entertainment note, did charlie the coke ma sheens gun really shoot a chick in the arm and did two of his cars end up driving themselves off cliffs in california? if so, circumstances sure have a bad habit of victimizing him.

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