Animated Dog Bites The Man

Everybody’s getting a chuckle today out of this frame from a cartoon sitcom that peaked about fifteen years ago. But honestly, you can’t top the original.


Dude, Nojo, you needed to include a warning with that link, that photo of Ailes scared the shit out of me.

You made me look at Roger AILES!!!!!!!!! Damn you.

BTW, I once called his office and had a most stimulating conversation with his secretary.

Agreed on both accounts.

One is stale and the other is getting dumber… I see you Steve Douchey.

Stinque weather TJ: It’s Snowpocalypse 2010 in Seattle! There must be 3 whole inches on the ground! Everyone’s gone crazy! The temperature won’t go above freezing again for several days! Absolute traffic gridlock! And nary a plow or sanding truck to be seen! Silly humans!

@IanJ: Winter of 1990 I was living in Tacoma, working in Seattle, and there was a huge blizzard. Work let out early but there was already a ton of snow on the ground and it was coming down fast, traffic was snarled, all the buses were full, but I was going to get home. After wandering the streets in the blinding storm for almost an hour, myself and a small band of desperate commuters forced our way onto an already-full commuter bus while it was stopped in traffic. The driver told us to get off because all the seats were full, and we told him to stuff it. He couldn’t drag us all off by himself, the other passengers weren’t going to help, and good luck trying to get a cop in that blizzard.

I was not happy. I had been promised before moving there that Seattle never had blizzards.

@IanJ: I left work at 4:00 pm, and it took SIX HOURS (!!!) to get from my office on Capitol Hill to West Seattle. All the roads were closed and the traffic was @!#$# impossible. At one point, I had to crawl through a ventilation shaft in a seedy Chinese restaurant in Georgetown before getting back to my car. I became one with the driver’s seat, and sweet FSM I can’t remember the last time my ass was so worn out.

And I’m one of the lucky ones who made it home. They’re people still sitting on I-5 South due to multiple, multi-vehicle wrecks that are blocking all five lanes.

@¡Andrew!: Jay-zuz. Welcome to the wonderful winter weather of the Rust Belt States. And Rhode Island.

Just imagine the post we’d get from Nojo if it ever rained.

@Tommmcatt: Sex God or AVATAR OF SEX?!?!?! You be the judge…: I saw my FBI file once. It was the size of a Manhattan phone book. But don’t tell anyone. That’s top secret.

@Nabisco: It’s raining in the Bay Area. Dumping snow in Tahoe (happy ski resort operators and next year’s water supply for Dodger and Nojo), and snow on the top of Mount Diablo (east bay) and Mount Hamilton (san jose). They’re forecasting sleet and a freeze warning for the next few days. Ima gonna whine…

So given my weather it means there’s a few clouds in Sandy Eggo.

Clear and cold in Santa Fe. Dusting of snow on the peaks. The local ski area is opening soon with man made show on some trails. It’s never worth going early in the season unless you have some rock skis. No snow = bad summer for the rivers and forests.

It’s so fucking cold here. It’s like 60 degrees.
And partly cloudy.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I can only dream of getting the temperature in my drafty old house up to 60 degrees. Just a little snow here (and in the 20s, which is unusual), but getting up the hill to my office should be entertaining. After the FedEx truck got stuck in the snow outside our office once, they call us from the bottom of the hill and make us come down and get our stuff.

i was able to turn the A/C off AND the ceiling fans. clear skies, wind is up, i can hear the water slap against the limestone better. and the palms are rustling. i can wear jeans and not shorts. ahh, winter…


@baked: I got two cords of firewood in the back yard. Let it snow!

@baked: Don’t expect much sympathy when the next hurricane comes calling. Actually it was in the mid-70s here yesterday. We missed by a degree or so setting yet another all time high temperature for the date this year. I loved having all the windows wide open during Thanksgiving week.

@SanFranLefty: @redmanlaw: Relatively clear and coldish here in NotTibet – 9 degrees celsius the other night, so I needed to borrow a wool cap and wear a fleece at the outdoor blues show. But the firewood has been going for a few weeks, so the air quality is already dipping down into the 1940s Pittsburgh.

Sincere appeal to the Chicago Stinquers: do not let it snow or drop freezing rain near the airport on Friday, because I’ve got a connection to make to get me home to Chez Nabisco that day, after 25 hours of Pacific puddle jumpers and no friggin upgrade in sight.

@Dave H:
but of course, i know that’s the pricetag. but hurricane season is over for 7 months, so why shouldn’t i revel in the reason and season to be here while i put my life boat in storage–knowing it will likely come out again.
good question: is there any place we live that we love without hazards?

btw, i travel a lot to the tundra of nyc and philly all winter–happy now?

@Benedick & @Tommmcatt:

I can’t believe I threw this out there“I can’t remember the last time my ass was so worn out,” and neither of you wrote “since Saturday night.”

Update: It’s 25 degrees in Seattle, we’ve had 2.5 inches of snow and the entire city is shut down, including schools and universities. The mayor is telling everyone to stay home and off the roads. Llamame loco, but when 2+ inches of snow paralyzes a major US city, shouldn’t that be some kind of scandal? (This same thing just happened two years ago in 2008, btw).

Until the mayor calls DEMANDS the Feds send the Regular Army to clean up then you have nothing to be ashamed about.

See Lastman, Mel.
See Also: Buffoon, Dimwit, Bad Hair Implants, Toronto’s Shame

TJ: TSA worker accused of abducting woman from ATL airport, sexually assaulting her after taking her an hour southeast of the city, then apparently tried to kill himself.

@¡Andrew!: Atlanta is paralyzed by the mere threat of snow. Standard operating procedure. The last time a real ice storm happened, all of the schools and universities around Atlanta EXCEPT the one I work at closed; several coworkers got into accidents and one fell in the parking deck on some ice and broke her elbow because of it. Next time, they’re going to be looser with their OMG WE NEED TO CLOSE policies.

@¡Andrew!: 67 and overcast from the Stinque downtown Atlanta Reporting Station (SARS).

@¡Andrew!: I can’t speak for Catt but I’m not one for making cheap jibes at the expense of my brothers’ trashy lives. I like to think of myself more as a nurturer. And of course I was so very concerned, knowing that you had as much as two inches of snow on the ground. It’s like Obama’s Katrina. Our prayers are with you and I’m holding your safety in my heart.

@¡Andrew!: Diverting flight of beef jerky sticks and parkas there from PHX. Do your cattle require hay bales as well?

@redmanlaw: Let’s make it tofu sticks. But parkas, yes, and also let’s throw in some blankets and lube.

@rptrcub: I hope IanJ is OK. He’s on the north end of town, and we lost all contact with them quite some time ago. T minus four hours until cannibal anarchy.

PS. My two hunger-crazed Dalmatians are staring at me and drooling like they’re looking at a turkey drumstick.

@Nabisco: Just imagine the post we’d get from Nojo if it ever rained.

iPhone sez…

Sandy Eggo: 60 degrees.

Eugene: 28 degrees.

Yes, I have Eugene weather bookmarked. Just for moments like this.

@redmanlaw: If they start airlifting those Morningstar veggie sausages, I’m totally there.

@rptrcub & @nojo: Stop teasing me with your mild weather conditions!

@¡Andrew!: How do you feel about their “ribs”?

@mellbell: I was never a BBQ fan, so I’ve never tried ’em.

The Morningstar products are kinda hit-or-miss. I strongly recommend anything made by Quorn.

@baked: I thought the idea of snowbirds was to go to the warmer climes in the winter and return to the frozen tundra after the temperature rises. What could drag you from your island paradise to the cold and gloom of the northeast during the winter?

@nojo: I do the same for OKC weather in the summer (e.g., Mac, OR 78F, 30% humitidity; OKC 112F and 70% humidity).

@¡Andrew!: I like Quorn’s diced chicken-type stuff and most everything Morningstar Farms makes. Chipotle is test-marketing Gardein as a meat substitute (including at the one closest to my apartment!), and I really like it, though I’ve never actually seen it in stores.

@Mistress Cynica: Some day, when I have absolutely nothing else to do, I should create a Google Map with everybody pinpointed on it.

Today, however, I’m cranking out an enewsletter for a 28-degree law school.

@mellbell: Don’t Morningstar products have egg whites in them? I won’t buy commercial egg products because of my all-around high level of saintliness.

@Benedick: No idea. I’d be concerned if there were egg yolks (high cholesterol’s a bitch), but anything else is gravy (something I will, by the by, never, ever give up).

@mellbell: Unless you’re genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, go ahead and indulge (moderately) in the yolks. Those unfertilized chick nuclei are chock full of nutritional goodness.

@Nabisco: It’s totally genetic (my marathon-running, granola-munching sister has the same problem). My plan to avoid both an early heart attack and a prescription for Lipitor is less meat (especially ground beef) and ice cream, more fiber, no yolks, and more cardio. Some of those, however, are proving easier than others.

@mellbell: You may not be able to avoid it. This bicycle-riding, clean-living vegetarian is on cholesterol meds. All my good, low-cholesterol living were as naught to my body’s insistent demand to create evil all on its own.

@IanJ: There you are. How are you holding up during our city’s latest “crisis?”

@IanJ: This overweight yet fit Native American with diabetes and heart disease in his family has cholesterol numbers that look like current returns on investments.

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