FOX News “journalists” shit all over Caribou Barbie during a commercial.

Whoops! The cameras were rolling.

And aren’t you glad to see that Judith Miller has found her true calling after printing WMD lies in the Times?

RML tips us off to a piece in AlterNet that says it was Fox News itself that originally posted this clip to YouTube. Discuss.


If the teabaggers ever figure out how badly they’ve been used… (I find that very doubtful) the GOPers will be in serious trouble.

Everybody hates John McCain. Nationally, they think he’s too conservative, a sellout to alleged maverick ideals, etc. In the Arizona GOP, he’s considered a RINO, a liberal, a Democrat in disguise. The tea partiers loathe him.

That’s why I’m enjoying their current intra-party battle. It seems he and his people staged a coup in his home legislative district. Four years ago, a tea partier and longtime McCain foe named Haney wrested control of LD11 – home to most GOP movers and shakers – and got his guy elected state party chair and himself elected county party chair. The state party chair Pullen then went on to get himself elected RNC Treasurer. You may have heard of Haney during the presidential election because he staged a straw poll that went for Romney and embarrassed McCain. Well, old Mac holds grudges and this week he did something about it. His posse turned out in force in LD11 elections, overwhelmed the tea partiers, and got rid of Haney and Pullen and their ilk. So the current state and county party chairs are going to have to leave office because you have to be a state committeeman to run for those offices. The tea partiers are furious and are lighting up the blogosphere to bitch about it. According to some comments, McCain’s people are doing this at other district elections as well.

And I. am. loving. it. I hope these fuckers destroy themselves.


I remember Clinton era conservatives warning us about Janet Reno’s post OK City bombing oppressive police state apparatus and how it threatened all our civil liberties, blah, blah, blah. Then along came a Republican president, and along came 9/11 and along came the Patriot Act, and all I ever heard from conservatives was about how 9/11 changed everything and liberals who opposed the Patriot Act were all suffering from a pre-9/11 mentality, blah, blah, blah.

The vast majority of teabaggers aren’t going to feel used if the GOP takes power in 2012 and wrecks the economy and skyrockets the debt with insane tax cuts. They simply won’t care. They’ll be too focused on “social issues” (i.e. whatever the bigotry-flavor-of-the-month is) to care. These people respond to GOP talking points like Pavlov’s dogs responded to a ringing bell. The only right-wingers who’ll whine are the miniscule subset of Ron Paul true-believers. And they’ll continue to attend their little Von Mises/Gold Standard seminars and be completely ignored by everyone else.

@Serolf Divad:
True, but the even bumpkins figure things out a few decades late.

Consider the Teabagger losses in Col, NV, Del and WV which helped the Demrats “hold” the Senate.

GOPer eelight insiders were super pissed that the stumble bum assholish Teabaggers cost them “control” and screwed them out of total “victory” in 2010. Plus we have ole Talibunny who will mess things up especially as she puts ego first.

Throw in redmanlaw ‘s article. I’m guessing that the GOPers are starting to be afraid of the monster they unleashed.

@redmanlaw: But they’ve done this before, right? I seem to recall a similar video from last year where Fox types were bitching about her.

Although everything is going straight to hell all around us, I am pleased to report that I am wrapping up an adoption procedure in my tribal court back home to put a little girl abandoned at birth by her ex-con druggie mom into a caring family who are also tribal members. Our “modern” court does not have subject matter jurisdiction over adoptions (I’m working on a fix for that in my tribal code revision project) so I developed a procedure for our traditional court to handle it. I’m writing a decision making matrix for the traditional court judge this morning and will draft the adoption decree when it all goes down. I did the termination of parental rights over this summer, which was a first for the tribal court. I’ve been on this case since the girl was a month old.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Noonan was caught badmouthing her pretty early on (around the time of the RNC?), but it sounds like you’re thinking of something else.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Liz Trotta (the chick in green in the clip at the top of this post) badmouthed her before.

@redmanlaw: Bravo, bravo. Taking good care of the children is the most important work in the world. The world is a better place because of you.

@lynnlightfoot: Wow, thanks. I know that it will be the best thing that will ever happen to that child.

@redmanlaw: Wonderful news. Good for you!

@mellbell: @SanFranLefty: Yes, I was thinking about both of these.

@redmanlaw: So happy for the little girl, her new family, and all of the children your work will help in future. Kudos.

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