Oh HAYELLLL to the No

Speaking of pandering to the right wing and medals:  “President Obama will present the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to former president George H. W. Bush and 14 others.”

At least it isn’t going to W.


[NYT Caucus]

On the same note…

Navy Aircraft Carrier CVN-77 is known as the USS George HW Bush.

I don’t think the Navy has a ship class fit for W. Maybe if they have a Yellow Belly or Chickenhawk class of warship.

Is that the sound of pandering I hear all the way over here, or is it the altitude?

I suspect the Medal of Freedums is a standard part of the Preznit and or CIA director Severance Package.

Maybe. Or a burning paper boat filled with dog poop.

Fucking GHWB is getting the Medal of Freedom but not Jimmy Carter?

Good to know Obama’s got his priorities straight.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: Fun facts: recipients include Cesar Chávez, Roberto Clemente and Thurgood Marshall; also The Donald Rumsfeld.

I hardly think this is Obama’s list. This would surely be a matter for the State dept, no? For the staff bureaucrats. He just executes the ceremony. Mind you, I have been watching Yes, Minister on Netflix which could be coloring my judgement. Excellent series if you haven’t seen it. Very witty.

Post-election follow-up news: eMeg is paying her former housekeeper $5,500 as a settlement for unpaid wages after a “two-hour closed meeting” at the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

@Benedick: Have you watched Hyperdrive yet? Hilarious! I’m almost done with Black Adder.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey Manchu, I went to the Great Wall today and there is cell phone reception on top of it. Did your people know this? Would make storming the wall a lot easier.

Oh HAYELLLL to the Yes! Redhawks 83-80 over the Beavers!

(Did I speak the Sport correctly?)

Maya fucking Angelou!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck that shit.

In his service to the country, the idiot presidents father accounted for only one shot down American fighter plane. He accomplished that while still in sight of the carrier he took off from. As with anything Bush, details are quite sketchy. Meaning of course, he fucked it up and lied about it later. Erstwhile presidential candidate and unleasher of the Palin plight, John McCain far out performed the idiot presidents father by accounting for 5 destroyed American planes making him Americas first reverse ace.


What medal should McCain expect?

He also has a carrier to his score… if the rumors are true.

@ManchuCandidate: You’re right. I forgot about that. If the Japanese had had McCain instead of Yamamoto at Midway, we’d ALL being driving Japanese cars now instead of just 2/5ths of us. If the terrorists had McCain instead of Saddam and Bin Laden, we’d all be filling up our Japanese cars with Arab gasoline now. Uh oh, my TV just went to black and white, there’s eerie music playing and Rod Serling is wanting me to imagine something or other…………………..

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