Our Plot to Poison the Hippies is Working

“Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York asked federal agencies Sunday to investigate and ban reusable shopping bags with dangerous levels of lead following a Tampa Tribune investigation that found high levels in bags sold in the Bay area.” [Tampa Tribune]


YEAH! China’s even taking over the task of poisoning US America citizens. Back off China. That’s what the over processed, corn syrup laced and salt soaked US American food is for.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s really not in China’s interest to poison us since they are holding a bazillion dollars worth of our flaky paper. You can’t believe all the BMWs and Mercedes here in the workers’ paradise. I walked past a Ferrari dealership yesterday.

The plot to panic the hippies and enrich the class action industry by hyping harmless threats is working, anyway.

Yes and no. In the greater scheme of things… you’re right. At least we’re not drinking heated wine out of lead cups like the Romans did.

On the other, Romans (mad with Lead poisoning) never had trial lawrats who advertise on TV and become mankind’s greatest threat.

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