When Heroes Mildly Attack!

Huffington Post, Friday morning:

George Bush Book ‘Decision Points’ Lifted From Advisers’ Books

Keith Olbermann, via Twitter, Friday afternoon:

Oops. Bush lifted others’ passages for “Decision Points” http://huff.to/9BG8Gn Dramatic readings substitute for Thurber tonight on Countdown

Keith Olbermann, via Twitter, Friday evening:

ShowPlug6: instead of Thurber, a different kind of fiction: George W. Bush’s “Decision Points” – 16 “text similarities” to other authors

Keith Olbermann, via Twitter, later Friday evening:

ShowPlug Supplemental: we’re killing the Bush book segment. I just got a look at the books, other than 1, overlaps are minimal and silly

Keith Olbermann, Countdown, Friday evening:

We were going to do a segment tonight on similarities between George Bush’s new book and the works of others, particularly Bob Woodward’s books. And there are some — one in particular we mentioned at the start of the program.

But only when I saw the actual books, just before air tonight, was it evident that a lot of these so-called “similarities” appear only when some very selective editing is done, either in Bush’s book or the other ones. So the segment is dead. Back instead in a moment with a Thurber story…

That’s odd. Why didn’t Keith call out HuffPo by name on their Very Selective Editing?

Ah. Right.

Don’t Buy Books from Crooks [Stinque]

That Bush is lazy isn’t news. That reviewers are ignoring the various confessions to war crimes is news.

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