The West Coast, The Undiscovered Country

Our guest columnist this morning is celebrated political columnist Dave Weigel.

So it’s possible that, on the west coast, the greatest GOP wave since the 1940s will have only produced one Republican gain in Washington state. If you cheat and count Hawaii as part of the “west,” the net Democratic loss is, so far, zero, because the party gained back the House seat in Honolulu. Not enough to worry Republicans about their huge gains in the Midwest, but a weird mystery irregardless.

Dave Weigel is from Delaware.

The Democrats’ Western Firewall [Slate]

Image: Roadside America


Since I have been forced to read something at Slate I thought you might all find this interesting.

“Irregardless”‽ My eyes are bleeding.

What’s wrong with ‘irregardless’? I use it all the time. Is it one of the dread Britishisms we all loathe and despise?

I agree with JNOV. Unless you’re being ironic or joking, “irregardless” is an eyesore.

Well, I guess I’m the asshole.

Garner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage (I know. Like who knew there was such a thing? but whatevs) describes it as, and I quote, “.. a semiliterate portmanteau word from irrespective and regardless, should have been stamped out long ago. (quotes) Although this widely scorned non-word seems unlikely to spread much more that it already has, careful users of language must continually swat it when they encounter it.”

So that’s me told. I will now go and shovel dirt.

Oh, it’s Babe the Blue Ox at the Trees of Mystery!! I have a photo of my pupster next to Babe!

@Benedick: Thank you for the link to “Pelosi’s Triumph.” I may print it out and sleep with it under my pillow.

@lynnlightfoot: Irregardless of what one thinks of the bill and how it got put together I thought it an interesting pov.

/Humour TJ/

Nojo, did you already alarm your fellow coffee-drinkers minions at Stinque World Domination HQ with your bark of laughter, as I did my coworkers just now, when you made it to the bottom of David’s latest post?
@JNOV: You may have to update your gravatar.

@flippin eck: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

ETA: I may have been part of his latest FB trolling expedition.

@flippin eck: Nice avatar for JNOV, but the coffee starting coming out of my nose at:

After fifteen years in the design industry and realising the only difference between sitting in front of a computer facilitating client’s requests and kneeling on the urine soaked floor of a truck stop bathroom giving five dollar blowjobs to men named Chuck for a living is the amount of urine on the floor, the Jumping Frog fee has evolved from insurance against post-project client suggestion to client incentive to have somebody else do it.

@SanFranLefty: My faves:

I would suggest contacting the agency and requesting your business card artwork before the owner swaps the art department computers for magic beans.

[SNIP] And the business leading up to this:

I will admit that during the voyage the thought of eating my offspring crossed my mind on more than one occasion but this was less due to hunger than his constant complaining of “Why do I have to hold on to the back while you ride,” “Are we there yet?” and “I can’t feel my legs.”

@flippin eck: The term is “barking”, and yes.

I’m thinking I should start flagging his new posts here. He doesn’t allow comments, after all.

TJ/ Ha! I bitched to Josh Friedman about that Miss Liberty thing using Summer Glau’s pic for their “pageant.” Guess who probably got a take down notice?

@nojo: He does now.

@redmanlaw: Thank you for remembering. :-* Not feeling so proud today, though.

Just came back from a Remembrance Day event.

@JNOV: Why not? And thank you for what you’ve done for our country.

@SanFranLefty: My alternate tweet for today was “Honor Our Vets. Screw Our Leaders.”

@SanFranLefty: I’m not sure. I guess it’s because I volunteered to be a cog in a massive killing machine.


Navajo Code Talkers honored for WWII efforts

As the numbers dwindle — fewer than 100 Code Talkers of the 400 trained by the U.S. military are believed to be alive — the Navajo veterans are being recognized. Today, Veterans Day, a group of them will ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. New Mexico dedicated a 16-mile stretch of highway to them on Wednesday.

Not just heroes. Geek heroes.

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