Joyce Kaufman Quits Before We Get Around to Caring About Her

Honestly, if we knew that Florida’s Allen West would be this fun, we wouldn’t have ignored him the past six months:

Right-wing radio talker Joyce Kaufman — whose July 4 call for “bullets” in favor of ballots has been linked to yesterday’s threat that led to the countywide lockdown on all Broward County schools — is on the air now and promising a statement of explanation.

​She led off her explanation by announcing that she wouldn’t be taking the chief of staff job for Congressman-Elect Allen West after all. “Last night I called Congressman Allen West and told him I could not accept his” job offer, she said, adding later, “I will not be used in an electronic lynching by proxy.”

Kaufman is white. West is black. We’re not sure what “electronic lynching by proxy” means, but if history serves as a guide, it involves pubes and a Coke can.

Joyce Kaufman Quits Allen West Job [Broward New Times, via The Hill]

Oh boy. Two years of this…

I still haven’t figured out why the GOPers don’t take “Party of Dumb” mantle and run with it.

also the person who said illegals or some such should be publicly hanged, right?

also funny

“and I’ll continue to fight on the battlefield in Washington and we’ll meat in the middle after the enemy is soundly.”

not a grammarian but shouldnt that be MEET in the middle?

Puts a whole new spin on “hatchet man.”

@Capt Howdy: Unfortunately Kaufman has allies here on Rocky Top:

My favorite aspect of the internet is the ability it gives me to travel the world and never leave my chair, or as John Prine says, take a trip and never leave the farm. Your reference to broward county brings to mind my last cyber-trip to south florida where i learned that hillbillies on pills are being busted by cops on steroids. check it out:

“Joyce is a good friend, and will remain loyal to South Floridians and to me, [and I pray to God she didn’t make a sex tape].”

@Capt Howdy: Hey, check yer email. Or email nojo@stinque. A Journey Awaits.

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