Keith Olbermann’s Ethics for Kids!

We interrupt this Premise to bring you a commercial that also appeared on the show last night, for a product we’ve never seen advertised. Or a product category we’ve never seen advertised.

Of course, over time we’ll get used to pitches for replacement body parts, just as we’re used to pitches for prescription boner pills with a significant risk of chronic turgidity, or pitches for prescription happy pills with only a minor risk of suicide.

And then we’ll be shocked — shocked! — at the first pitch we see for discount brain transplants.

And now, back to our hilarious letters to Keith from five-year-olds Billy, Sean, and Gle— oh, we’re sorry, our producer is telling us we’re out of time. But before we go, our humble appreciation for the 350,000 people who completely ignored us the past five days. You may now update your Twitter avatars to the next moral fad.


Good news! Other devices that received FDA 510(k) premarketing approval in 2010 allow for pleural leak sealant and implantable microscopes!

You know, just in case you can’t find your extra spine any more.

Crap. I guess I have to get one of these too.

I’d love one of those. I have not been able to run since I snapped my right ACL in 1989 despite several scopings and reconstructive surgery.

@redmanlaw: I’m trying out this “running” thing and still think it is vastly overrated. But I confess that I’m glad my *cough cough* half century old knees are holding up far better than I had expected.

If you’re keeping score, Keef doubled down on his I’m Less of a Sellout Than Everybody Else defense tonight.

A half-hour later, Rachel mentioned she’s a contributor to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America during a segment on an IAVA event. It took only a handful of words.

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