Stinque Hopes This Post Jams Every Copyright Troll in the Country

We’ve always loved this Mad cover. We probably still have the issue in a drawer at the Ancestral Home.

And if Time Warner, parent company of E.C. Publications, would like us to yank it from our website, we have a brand-spankin’-new DMCA Notice page for their lawyers to badger us.

Oh, and our $105 DMCA registration fee is in the mail to the U.S. Copyright Office. We’d like to thank our Usual Gang of Above-the-Timestamp Idiots for chipping in on the expense.

Why all the bother? Simple: If we don’t do it, Bad People will bankrupt us.

The $105 Fix That Could Protect You From Copyright-Troll Lawsuits [Wired, Oct. 27]

EFF Defends Former Prosecutor From Righthaven Copyright Suit [Wired, Nov. 1]


No final line of “Oh, and fuque you very much, peace out…” at the end of the DMCA Notice?

@SanFranLefty: No point tempting Fate more than necessary.

Crap. I guess I have to get one of these.

Copyright is our friend. You don’t pay you don’t get the good stuff.

Henry Rollins has a bar code neck tat.

Sue You, Sue Me Blues, George Harrison

@Benedick: True in general, but it can also turn cancerous.

Case in point: This particular law firm bought up the copyrights from a Vegas paper, and is using them to sue defenseless websites (and force a settlement) for “infractions” that clearly fall under Fair Use. The firm plans to expand its operation to other papers.

Filing the paperwork creates a safe-harbor for websites: Evil Law Firms have to ask nicely first, and can only sue if you tell them to fuck off.

It’s similar to patent trolls, but they’re preying on the weak: They only go after site owners who can’t afford to defend themselves.

BREAKING: Gene Shalit is leaving the Today Show.

BULLETIN: Gene Shalit is still on the Today Show.

TEST YOUR NEWS-Q: When was the last decade you heard Joe Garagiola’s name?

@nojo: Joe was a Pirate, among the many other teams he played for.

@SanFranLefty: @Mistress Cynica: Whilst you two deal with your jinx…

Thought I’d do a quick image search to see whether he still sports the stache. But after a shot of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed turned up among the matches, I thought better of it.

@nojo: Images of Nojo doubled over with the dry heaves, as when Don Draper found out G-Men were on to him.

Yes, I’m that far behind…

what do you think the possibilities are of say someones letter to Mad, that embarrasses her tremendously because it was stupid and she was 9 and they published it anyway, dug out into the light by a ferocious evil hamster?

i’m having a bout of writers block as the former sentence will attest. seeing that cover IS NOT HELPING!

also: today is bloggies bday. he’s 107, same age as me.

As much as I hate the DMCA, better the DMCA takedown agent get the money than the lawsuit trolls. (And, actually, the “safe harbor” provisions of the DMCA are one of the good things about that law).

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