One Mike Lee to Rule Them All

It’s looking very likely that we’ll have to live with this the next six years. Tune in tonight at 7pm ET for our Election Night Open Thread/Clone Wars and find out!


I’ve been so mad at the Left recently, and so overwhelmingly busy with work (1900-page Italian labor law translation, anyone?), that I’ve been studiously avoiding all coverage (including my Stinquers).

Then this morning, I went to 538 just to see where the numbers stood. And now I’m literally having a panic attack. Shortness of breath, dizziness, ringing ears, shaky hands. I’m going to down some of Boy’s Xanax and lay down for an hour.


@RomeGirl: Who else here is planning on getting incredibly drunk and/or stoned tonight? I know I will. Thanks be to getting shit done for my classes earlier than expected. I’ve had enough of the ten 20-page case studies I’ve been writing, and I’ve had enough writing about the Japanese cell phone market.

@RomeGirl: Hey, when are you going to explain what “bunga bunga party” means when translated from the Italian?

@SanFranLefty: Heh – that Berlusconi, he’s quite the “leader”, isn’t he?

I wish Congress were held in a giant hot tub and we could just throw a toaster in there.


What Left?

(Bernie Sanders? He’s like the only one)

@rptrcub: I had a few for the Giants game last night. Glad I’m not going to court today as scheduled. Made a preliminary injunction hearing go away by meeting with the other side and explaining that their case for an injunction sucked. We actually kept a state agency from embarrassing itself today.

@rptrcub: I’m wearing my “Yes We Cannabis” sticker – hopefully it’ll be legal by tonight.

/Second person to vote at my polling place this morning.

@SanFranLefty: I was #224. Might’ve been #222 were it not for a line-cutter. She was an old lady, though, so it was difficult to care.

@SanFranLefty: @mellbell: Absentee voter here. Hope it arrives, gets counted, and helps Sleestak out, although I sincerely doubt it.

Watch out for Toomey; he’s going to be in the Senate a long time…

@Nabisco: Ugh. I had no idea he represented Easton back in the day. I feel so sorry for my friends from there who had to endure him for three terms, and feel even sorrier for the rest of the state now.

@Nabisco: Voted in person — turnout is actually a little higher here than I would expected; then again, I live in a libtard Demrat district where some folks have been guilted into coming out to vote.

As for the ticket, as much as they’ve pissed me off, voted straight Demrat except for the agriculture commissioner (why we have to elect this position in the 21st century is ridiculous) because I know the D and he is a skeezebag.

@SanFranLefty: We had a laundry list of constitutional amendments, including the deceivingly Republitarded worded Amendment 1:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to make Georgia more economically competitive by authorizing legislation to uphold reasonable competitive agreements?”

AJC has an explainer to get beyond this wording. What say our legal stinquers?

This shit will probably pass. The other amendment of interest is Amendment 2, which funds trauma care by levying a $10 fee on car tags, to which the teatards have screamed holy hell about. Never mind about dying because you can’t get to an equipped ER sooner; tag fees and ad valorem taxes are SOCIALISM.

@redmanlaw: Awesome. What was it all about?

@rptrcub: We had a single proposed amendment, to convert attorney general to an elected position. More democracy is good in theory, but I just can’t abide voting for judges or attorneys general, so that was a no. I voted for more non-Ds than expected; two Greens (one I know from a neighborhood list-serv, the other a pure protest vote) and one Republican-cum-Independent (a wise move in DC).

I was #38 this morning. I showed up, and the poll people asked me where my kid was. (Noneyuh!) I was like, look, I know I’m the only Democrat in this ward, and some guy lit up and said, “Oh! Yay!” and gave me a unneeded Dem-endorsed sample ballot. I played the yellow dog for the last time in my life.

@JNOV: I was #13,000 and change at my early voting place last week. Nearly 200,000 New Mexicans voted early this year. In raw numbers, more Dems voted than Repugnants, but the bad guys voted at a higher rate than we did. Some of our people crossed the line to vote for the GOP candidate for governor, mainly on immigration issues and also because she is not Bill Richardson or his Lt. Gov, who is the Democratic candidate. Mean and stupid will rule the day here.

@rptrcub: Trash nazis, errr, the Solid Waste Bureau wanted a judge to immediately shut down a small rural transfer station run by an authority we represent. The State’s move was fucked up for many reasons and would have created an immediate hardship for thousands of people who have their trash carted away from there. People would have taken their trash out to the hills and arroyos and created an even bigger nuisance than exists now. Here’s how they got their notice of violation: their hauler quit because he wasn’t getting paid as fast as he wanted so he dumped a garbage truck of trash on a pad, walked off the job and called the Solid Waste Bureau to report an open dumping violation that got charged to the authority. That’s how they roll up there.

Our vote-by-mail is sure convenient, but I really miss going to the polls. I took our ballots to the county clerks office this weekend to drop them off, but it wasn’t the same.
My US Rep and Sen are safe Dem seats–thank you, People’s Republic of Multnomah County–but the Gov race is a toss-up, as is my state rep, so I’ll be nervously watching those.

@mellbell: One benefit of having an elected attorney general is that here, our Democrat AG Thurbert Baker refused to join in on the great “OMG The Feds Are Socializing Health Care!” lawsuit after Republitard Sonny Perdue told him to. Too bad Baker isn’t running again.

@Mistress Cynica: At times like this, I somehow miss the newsroom on election night — that adrenaline rush of sheer panic, the yelling across the room, the stale pizza in the corner….

Our gov race is sadly not subject to being a toss up. Nathan Deal will probably come across with the highest vote, but will be forced into a runoff, when the Republicans will really gang up on the Demoncrat.

@rptrcub: Your comment on state questions/constitutional amendments did remind me that those things are a LOT easier to deal with in a mail-in ballot, especially since we get a (non-partisan, state-issued) voter pamphlet a couple of weeks before the ballot, explaining the results of yes or no votes in plain language, argument submitted by those for and against it, and the cost, if any to the state. When My Cyn asked WTF state question 72 was all about, I could just hand him the voter’s guide. In Oklahoma, you had to depend on the fascist statewide daily paper to tell you what it was all about. I’d just vote against anything they were for and vice-versa.

@rptrcub: Best election night moment from my reporter days: sitting on a hotel room bed with Stewart Udall when his son Tom won his primary race for attorney general. Tom madly French kissed his wife when the results came it. The editors cut the tongue action out of my story. Tom Udall’s our senator now. Stewart died earlier this year. I’ve since worked with his stepdaughter on a couple of campaigns.

@redmanlaw: That sounds lovely, but it’s stirring up flashes of Al and Tipper.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m not worried as much for 2010 on state amendments/questions as I am for 2012, besides the presidency. Here we will have regional transportation tax referenda on the ballot, and I have a bad feeling that if the teabaggers do not implode, they will scuttle it to hell and leave us in our current transportation nightmare here in Atlanta. And believe it or not, I would have to say LA has a better transit infrastructure than we do.

@mellbell: “Get a room,” I yelled from the floor with the rest of the New Mexico delegation.

From Field and

Election day is nearly upon us and as someone to whom America looks for guidance, I feel obliged to give you my thoughts on what to do come November 2.

*First, you can’t not vote. Too many people have paid too high a price for you to shrug off that privilege and duty.

*Second, you can relax. No matter what the outcome of the election, very little is going to change. The game is rigged; the deck is stacked; the fix is in. We’re cooked. We’ve made too many bad choices, elected too many losers, and stood idly by as our political system turned into a compost heap.

*Third, supposedly qualified people have failed utterly to cure what ails us, so let us elect the wildly unqualified, the weird, the grotesque, and the outlandish. They will hasten our end, and they’ll be amusing while they’re doing it. No one who has an ounce of self-respect is going to run for high political office in the United States of America in the year 2010.


Whoa, that’s some heavy nihilism from Field and Stream. Have they been reading Kafka?

@rptrcub: I just had a fight with the Boy, so I’m pretty much ready to pack in this day and not wake up til tomorrow.

@SanFranLefty: Ha! It means exactly what whatever caveman meant when he said it first.

@¡Andrew!: I just stick to watching Maddow so I can be lulled into thinking the whole country thinks like her. Downside? Getting on 538 today.

For your viewing (dis)pleasure, Is Obama a Keynesian?. I wonder if Second City alum Stephen Colbert has seen it yet.

The AP sure has their Boehner-sucking lips primed and ready to swallow for the next two years.

It’s worth remembering that the Dems took control of Congress in 2006 because of outrage and disgust over the Repubs sexcapades and corruption antics, not because of their (total lack of) convictions. The Dems blew it, and now people are just pushing buttons out of sheer desperation. The Repubs have no plan and absolutely no positive agenda, so even if they do get a majority, they’ll likely get tossed in two to four years after they implode again.

@¡Andrew!: Was it one of our fellow Stinquers who quoted Krugman recently, who basically said that the government is going to keep changing hands until 2020 and basically we’ll have a lost decade just like Japan?

@rptrcub: Yessir, that’d be the wise Serolf Divad. (Is that an anagram, SD?)

And it’s been two lost decades and counting in Japan, very sad indeed. What’s really scary is that none of the solutions, including massive public infrastructure projects, have worked.

Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened

@Mistress Cynica: I went to the polls today – LOTS of old people (but few middle-agers), including a guy in front of me who said he’d voted for FDR three times and wanted a LARGE PRINT BALLOT. They gave him a magnifying glass … maybe he voted for Kristin Davis by mistake.

@¡Andrew!: His identity was revealed once, but I guess you missed it.

@¡Andrew!: I still remember when his signature was right-handed.

@nojo: Was that before or after his bar mitzvah?

@mellbell: He was doing fine before the bris.

The Lyndon LaRouche supporters were protesting outside the Federal Reserve building on Market Street with a ginormous poster (at least 12 feet high by 20-30 feet wide) of Pelosi and Obama with Hitler mustaches, in an attempt to convince people to write-in their candidate against Nancy.

ADD: I wonder if eMeg remembered to vote like the Greek history-spouting Moonbeam or if she was too busy raising bailing out her sons.

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