Live Fast, Die Old, Screw the Corpse

Title: “Life”

Author: Keith Richards

Rank: 1

Blurb: “Keith Richards was born in London in 1943.”

Review: “If you criticize Mick to him, he’ll slit your throat.”

Customers Also Bought: “Decision Points”, by George W. Bush

Footnote: Sixty-fucking-seven in December. Everybody lost that office pool.

Life [Amazon]

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Fun facts: Keef used to do an oz. of pure powder a week, delivered free of charge by a Holocaust survivor who only expected groupies in exchange. He attributes his survival to “always knowing when enough was enough”. Oh, and he’s been clean since 1980 – meaning that Richards has been powered by booze and cigarettes alone since well before his 40s.

well now, that’s reassuring.
fun fact: he’s my neighbor!! i’ve only seen him once.

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