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Our guest columnist this afternoon is Jon Stewart, writing in 2004.

A free and independent press is essential to the health of a functioning democracy. It serves to inform the voting public on matters relevant to its well-being. Why they’ve stopped doing that is a mystery. I mean, 300 camera crews outside a courthouse to see what Kobe Bryant is wearing when the judge sets his hearing date, while false information used to send our country to war goes unchecked? What the fuck happened? These spineless cowards in the press have finally gone too far. They have violated a trust. “Was the president successful in convincing the country?” Who gives a shit? Why not tell us if what he said was true? And the excuses. My God, the excuses! “Hey, we just give the people what they want.” “What can we do, this administration is secretive.” “But the last season of Friends really is news.” The unmitigated gall of these weak-willed… You’re supposed to be helping us, you indecent piles of shit! I… fuck it. Just fuck it…

Why anybody should expect that Jon Stewart, speaking in 2010, should be any different, is beyond us.

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I just watched Stewart’s closing speech on You Tube. I thought he was spot on.

The AP gets it right:

In the shadow of the Capitol and the election, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert entertained a huge throng Saturday at a “sanity” rally poking fun at the nation’s ill-tempered politics, its fear-mongers and doomsayers…

Part comedy show, part pep talk, the rally drew together tens of thousands stretched across an expanse of the National Mall, a festive congregation of the goofy and the politically disenchanted. People carried signs merrily protesting the existence of protest signs. Some dressed like bananas, wizards, Martians and Uncle Sam.

So: How much money did they raise for Mall restoration? And did folks pick up after themselves?

Say what you will, but Jon Stewart had a better week than Notre Dame did. I mean, you look at that, and… WOW. Just that, and only that. WOW.

Alrighty then … I’ve thought about this, and here are my predictions (you all should judge me Wednesday morning): Angle loses, Paul wins, Whitman loses, Fiorina loses, that wingnut in Alaska wins, Rubio wins, Chrissy (DE Senate) loses, and Patty Murray wins by less than 1000 votes.

I lay these predictions before you, so shall I be judged. Weigh in, if you dare.

@blogenfreude: Exception: Angle wins. Nevada really hates Harry, and that race is only close because Angle is so awful.

Non-exception: I ain’t calling Alaska. The state is hard to poll in the best of circumstances, and a Murkowski write-in makes it next to impossible. We might be living with recounts for months.

Overall: Nate seems to have settled on a 50+ GOP sweep of the House, and I see no reason to doubt him. It was always about the economy, and the economy sucks.

@blogenfreude: Can I judge you now? Cus I’m kinda judgementy at the best of times.

@nojo: I cannot imagine a Senate with Sharron in it … but my imagination is taxed these last few weeks.

Anyone wanna call the Sestak-Toomey race?

I didn’t make it to the Wawa. The vapors struck me. Oh, and Ev Williams sounds like a dick.

@JNOV: Toomey, last I heard.

Might as well expect the worst, then enjoy the small surprises.

@nojo: It would be a big surprise for me, although I’m getting a little hopey as the race is tightening.

We lived through Santorum and Weldon. We can live through Toomey, I suppose.

Remember that scene in 12 Monkeys where the lions are roaming around outside a department store in Philadelphia? That place used to be Wanamaker’s; now it’s Macy’s, and today, we had a flash mob of the coolest sort. Much better than the other flash mob we had at that joint in February. We’re all mobbed up!

i haven’t been there since it was wanamakers…is the eagle statue still in there?
trivia: in what movie’s chase scene did they crash a car into wanamakers?

i’m sooo sorry we missed our stinque up!! have you ever heard carrying on like that in your life? and i was just warming up….

@baked: Not sure — haven’t been there for years. Was the eagle in Wanamaker’s or in Strawbridge’s? I think Strawbridge’s finally sold, too.

ADD: I think Strawbridge’s had a boar. Maybe.

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