The Past Five Days of Our Professional Life, As Demonstrated By These Adorable Kitties

We also would have accepted being smothered under a ton of fluffy pillows.


Personally, this is my go-to video for that metaphor.

@flippin eck: Ah yes, the Super Bowl. One of my favorite commercials ever.

@ManchuCandidate: Also, that funny smell on your new Ikea couch? Cat pee.

@flippin eck: Excellent. I don’t remember that one — I must have been out playing touch football and getting hurt.

Three serial all-nighters! Three!

And yet, we hit our 8 a.m. press deadline. Because I am a god.

@Dodgerblue: I’m not sure I’m at liberty to say that it’s for a journalism school of my intimate acquaintance.

@nojo: What do they teach in journalism school these days?

@Dodgerblue: Same crap they always taught. Me, I learned what I really needed to know at the student newspaper. Nothing beats hearing from an angry source you misquoted.

@Dodgerblue: More properly: What you learn at a student newspaper is the same thing you learn at a graduate philosophy seminar — severe discipline.

Especially if the student newspaper is a daily. It goes to press at 3 a.m. whether you like it or not.

@nojo: I know about deadlines. “Good morning, your Honor.”

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