Hail, Governor Tancredo!

“If Maes fails to get 10 percent of the vote on election day, his legacy… will be leaving Republicans with minor party status in Colorado until 2014.” Oh, and Hickenlooper’s leading by barely four points. [TPM]


I lived in Tancredo’s district as a teenager and was happy to get the chance to vote against him once (fat lot of good it did.)

If Colorado votes him in over Hickenlooper it deserves to be cordoned off from the rest of the country.

@Signal to Noise: And that will be easy as the state is a rectangle. I say cordon off Utah and Colorado and put all the Tea Partiers, GOP voters, and angry white people there.

Thank you for the NOT THE MSNBC AD for Ben Quayle. Just when I think the Tea Party candidate running against Baron Hill is completely nuts I’m reminded Indiana can and has done worse.

So, Stinquers, have I missed it, or is anyone going to the Jon Stewart rally this weekend? I am, would be cool to hook up.


I wish I were, but I have nieces and nephews that need me to tell them scary stories on Halloween in my blessed hometown.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I cannot be the only one, I have never ever gone to a political rally, ever, and this one, has finally gotten me off my ass, noone else?

I love you, Tommcat, by the way, you a good dude.

@Promnight: I totally would, but I’m stuck on the other side of the country, 3,000 miles away. I used to go to all the protests here in Seattle–this nation needs far more protests and more people getting involved. Good for you, Prommie!

@Promnight: I think I’m gonna help a dude pile up some firewood. Same place where I ran into the poacher. I’ll also get to fill my truck with some pine for blocking and splitting here at home.

@Promnight: Too far, no money.

But ASU and UA are holding satellite rallies out here. I might go, but more likely, I’ll watch it on TV.


I love you too, Prom; You are a much better dude than you think. I am proud to call you friend, ghost-in-the-machine though you may be.

I have been to a couple rallies. I went to an AIDS protest back overy by the park by the Flatiron Building in the mid-ninties and got detained. It was to to impress a boy, and it worked. I also stumbled upon a rally recently in San Diego- the weekend I stood Nojo up- and meant to send pictures, which I took, but never did. Or was it that weekend? I don’t remember. There were anarchists and communinsts, and I typed a letter to Barack Obama on an old-fashioned typewriter and donated money for the stamp.

I am a wash as an activist. My heart is in the right place, but my head…or my groin…or my stomach….mostly my groin but of late my stomach more and more… has always been in the way.

I miss going to protests, which we have regularly here. I made it to most of them from around 2000-2006. Seattle has had something of a protest-industrial-complex ever since the anti-WTO demonstrations in ’99. The last one that I went to was in November ’08 to protest California’s passage of Prop H8. The most awesomist event actually occured after the protest, at Westlake Center, when the organizers left the jumbo sound system on, and these adorable teen lesbians lept onto the stage and re-enacted Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Lemme tells ya, these gals had all of those moves down!!!

Anyhoo, the one thing that I always tell people is never ever ever block buses and traffic. Even people that will be supportive of the protest will want to shank you like a prison snitch for increasing their commuting time.


Nominally related via protests: Paultards miss memo, start curbstomping liberals *before* the election

As if we needed further evidence the average teabagger is a fascist prick…

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