Rand Paul Attacked for Harboring Democratic Tendencies


Y’know, Jack, when you put it that way, mocking Christianity, worshiping Aqua Buddha, and ending federal “faith-based” initiatives almost earns Randy a Coveted Stinque Endorsement.

But wait, it gets weirder: In their debate Sunday night, Randy came back strong with, of all things, a Joseph Welch reference:

“Jack, you should be ashamed of yourself. Have you no decency? Have you no shame?”

Is Kentucky dyslexic? Because it looks from here like they have their D’s and R’s crossed.

Rand Paul To Jack Conway: ‘You Demean Kentucky’ [TPM]

I’ll see your “Aqua Buddha” and raise you a “I don’t have to answer questions about my last government job and have goons to make sure of that”: here.

Apparently nobody’s told Miller that he can’t start with the fascist crap until AFTER he’s elected…

Bah, if Rand Paul can attack Barack Obama for cutting private Medicare subsidies then I see no reason why Jack Conway can’t attack Rand Paul for hating on the Baby Jesus.

Let’s face it: for years the GOP has been running campaigns pledging to defend programs they abosultely hate (and fully intend to work to undermine once elected) if such pledges work to gain them votes.

I can’t think about these people any more. It doesn’t make me happy and it doesn’t make them stop, shut up, or go away. So I see no upside. I’m simply going to pretend it’s not happening. That has served me well in the past.

I dunno, I think I can trust a guy who makes up his own medical certification… doesn’t mean I want him to do my eye surgery.

In other teabag news, Joe Miller’s private security “arrested” the editor of Alaska Dispatch for “trespassing” at a public event at a middle school and kept him handcuffed until the police showed up and told them to cut it out.

Good times.

@Benedick: I know. I also just learned that Nate Silver’s blog has been taken over by the Old Gray Lady.

If Aqua Buddha were to appear in a velvet Elvis, would we have Aqua Velva?

@Nabisco: He sold it to them after the last outbreak of hope. Emblematic, no?

@mellbell: Hah. And I’ve been worried about the slightly higher than normal (as in, none) salt intake with my diet over here.

@redmanlaw: Stillerz FTW! w00t!1!

He was shot outta Ron Paul’s balls 47 years ago, which makes him divinely qualifed to be Senatard For Life.

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